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Green Building Consultation

 What is it?   Green Building Consultation is a free service available to anyone building in Kirkland. You will meet with a member of the Green Building Team who can:

The best time for a Green Building Consultation   is during the design phase when you can make green building choices in every aspect of your project. However, even if you are already under
construction, it's not too late to benefit from expert advice and make greener choices.  And remember, this free service is available for all projects: residential remodels, commercial renovations, and new construction.

 Why do it?   A Green Building Consultation is free, takes only an hour, and will help you to reap the rewards of green building. The experts on the Green Building Team can identify the choices that will most benefit your project. The result will be a building that is more economical to construct and use, healthier for the people who live or work in it, and better for the Earth. In addition, your building will have the added value of in-demand "green" features. 

 Ready to Build Green?   Schedule Your Free Green Building Consultation!