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Case Studies

Green Building More Case Studies

City Hall Annex, Kirkland
This project posed the unique challenge of "green renovating" a Community Landmark building.

Danielson Grove Cottage Communityexternal link icon
A pilot project between The Cottage Company and the City of Kirkland that resulted in the city establishing new “cottage community” ordinances.

LEED® Project Profilesexternal link icon
An extensive collection of project profiles--including residential, commercial, and schools--all certified under the LEED program.

Green Home in Norkirk 

Duo West - 1102 5th Street, Kirkland

This new home in the Norkirk neighborhood was permitted as a pilot project between YS Development and the City of Kirkland to establish the city's Priority Permit Review for New Green Homes. It is certified under the BuiltGreen™external link icon and Northwest ENERGY STAR® Homesexternal link icon programs. Here are some of the choices that give this home the five qualities of green buildings:

     Energy Smart   tankless gas water heater and heat recovery ventilator

 Water Wise   grass-free, drought-tolerant landscape and dual-flush toilets

 Material Conscious 
  sustainable interior finishes including FSC-certified hardwood flooring, true linoleum, and natural wool carpet

 A Site Steward   partial living roof

 A Healthy Place   HEPA air filtration and Rainscreen system for moisture control
To learn more about this green home, visit YS Developmentexternal link icon.

City Hall Annex sideview  City Hall Annex interior

City Hall Annex - 310 1st Street, Kirkland

This project gave the City a unique opportunity to retrofit and preserve a historical structure in Kirkland’s Norkirk Neighborhood. Originally constructed in 1923 as a mortuary, the City Hall Annex building was designated a Community Landmark prior to its renovation in 2008-09. In September 2011, the U.S. Green Building Council awarded the rating of LEEDexternal link icon Gold.
Here are some of the choices that give the Annex the five qualities of green buildings:

     Energy Smart   compact fluorescent lighting; operable windows, sun shades, and deciduous trees on the south side eliminate the need for air conditioning

 Water Wise   dual-flush toilets; metered faucets to reduce water usage; rain barrels to collect water for irrigation during droughts; native plant landscaping

 Material Conscious 
  preservation of the building itself, including original fir floors; locally produced PaperStone™ countertops in kitchen

 A Site Steward   several large conifers protected during construction; deciduous trees planted on the south side of the building for summer shade

 A Healthy Place 
  all interior paints and finishes are low- or no-VOC; furniture does not off-gas; operable windows for natural ventilation

City Hall Annex - beforeBefore   
City Hall Annex - beforeAfter