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Kirkland Green

Kirkland is known for its green spaces, parks and waterfront. The City is committed – through many “green" initiatives – to preserve, protect and sustain our natural resources. Through a variety of efforts, the City is also addressing sustainable development, green buildings and climate change.

Kirkland recognizes the interdependency of our natural resource systems:

  • Water: our streams, lakes, wetlands, storm water runoff, groundwater and shorelines
  • Land: the soils, vegetation, rocks, geology, and topography
  • Air: climate change, air quality, microclimates and macroclimate

Green City Initiatives
Kirkland's Comprehensive Plan calls for the community vision to have Kirkland be an “attractive, vibrant, inviting place to live and work,” and to provide an “extensive park system and to preserve open space and waterfront trails and vistas.” To achieve this vision, the City has adopted guiding principals and implemented regulations that call for the protection of our natural resources.

Multi-Departmental Approach to Implementing Green Initiatives
The City is implementing its green initiatives using a multi-departmental approach, where different departments manage various environmental programs. Many environmental programs are managed by the Planning, Public Works, and Parks and Community Services Departments.

Environmental Plans and Reports

  • the Sustainability Master Plan (a 2019 project with opportunities for public input), which identifies specific goals and actions the City should work towards
  • the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Plan, which recognizes the complexity of the interaction of its water, land and air systems and identifies action items intended protect Kirkland’s environmentally sensitive areas

Environmental Programs

Internal Initiatives for Sustainable City Governance

How You Can Help Kirkland Go Green: Community Involvement
The City’s efforts can only be enhanced by the commitment of its citizens and businesses to “get green.”  Special events, incentive programs, educational forums and volunteer programs are available throughout the year to help you, your family, association or business make a difference.

The City recognizes businesses that operate sustainably through the EnviroStars green business program.