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K2035: Special Plans & Projects
Throughout 2013-2015 with input from community members, long-term visionary and short-to -medium term strategic plans were developed to shape Kirkland’s future in many ways.  The following plans were updated during this time resulting in new policies and implementation strategies folded into the Comprehensive Plan:

parks, recreation and open space planParks, Recreation & Open Space Plan: Articulates primary goals and philosophies of park and open space acquisition and park development and renovation. Adopted in 2015.

transportation master plan Kirkland 2035 IconTransportation Master Plan: Guides transportation decisions and investments to support the City’s long-term vision.  Adopted in 2015. 
The following programs also support the implementation of the long-range plans:

cip cfp plan Kirkland 2035 Icon Capital Improvement Program: Identifies capital improvements for street infrastructure, water and sewer utility, parks, flood mitigation and pedestrian safety.  The program also funds park acquisition. (View current CIP Projects)

levy_plans Kirkland 2035 Icon Street and Park Levy Implementation: In November 2012, Kirkland voters approved a permanent property tax levy to annually fund street and parks maintenance.

The following adopted plans also guide the future of Kirkland:

surface water master plan Kirkland 2035 Icon Surface Water Master Plan: Adopted in November 2014, this Plan Identifies projects and programs that support long-term progress for flood control, water quality improvement, and aquatic habitat protection and restoration.   

juanita_drive_master_plan Kirkland 2035 Icon Juanita Drive Corridor Study: Adopted in August 2014, this Study identifies ways to improve the safety of cars, bicycles, and pedestrians along this scenic, north Kirkland corridor. 

ckc master plan Kirkland 2035 IconCross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan: Adopted in June 2014, the CKC Master Plan determines the future for a pedestrian and bicycle trail and a transit pathway.

Transfer of Development Rights StudyTransfer of Development Rights Study: Adopted in June 2014, this Study evaluated the transfer of development rights from rural and resource areas outside of Kirkland to the Totem Lake Urban Center. 

totem lake park plan Kirkland 2035 Icon Totem Lake Park Master Plan: Adopted in December 2013, this Plan identifies future park and recreation improvements to Totem Lake Park.

urban forestry plan Kirkland 2035 Icon Urban Forestry Management Plan:  Adopted in July, 2013, this plan identifies ways the City can efficiently and sustainably manage its urban forest in the future.