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Update Process and Schedule: When to get involved
As you can imagine, the update process is complex and will take time to complete. The Planning Commission is the lead advisory board on preparation of the Plan Update and makes a recommendation to the City Council.  For those areas within the jurisdiction of the Houghton Community Council, it will also consider proposed amendments and take final action.

As with any timeline, milestones are subject to change.  The City will strive to keep to the following timeline in the coming months.

 Summer-Fall 2013
 Fall 2013
  • City holds Community Visioning program to develop a shared vision statement for Kirkland’s future


 Winter -
 Summer - Fall 2014
  • Planning Commission considers draft Plan Update of Plan Element chapters and amendments to the Totem Lake Plan
  • Planning Commission considers and selects Citizen Amendment Requests for study
  • Staff scopes environmental issues, evaluates alternatives and assesses draft Plan Update in Draft Environmental Impact Statement 


 Winter - Spring 2015
  • Planning Commission holds public hearing on Draft Plan Update and Draft Environmental Impact Statement, including amendments to the Totem Lake Plan
  • Planning Commission makes preliminary recommendation to City Council on Draft Plan
  • Final Environmental Impact Statement is issued
  • Planning Commission and Houghton Community Council recommend Final Plan Update to City Council  
 Spring 2015
  • City Council holds study sessions and adopts Final Plan Update
  • Houghton Community Council reviews and takes final action