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Supporting Documents to the Comprehensive Plan
Development Capacity Analysis
The development analysis is intended to determine if the City has land with sufficient zoning to accommodate the household and employment growth targets assigned to the City with the King County Countywide Planning Policies.  The analysis indicates that we do have adequate development capacity and that no rezones or other land use changes are required to meet our growth targets.

    View the Development Capacity Analysis (April 2016)(PDF)  
    View the Development Capacity Chart (Jan. 2014)(PDF)

Community Profile
The Community Profile is a statistical snap shot of Kirkland. Focusing on demographics, housing, economic, and land use information, it describes the characteristics of Kirkland residents, the local economic climate and how the land in the City is used. Where possible, current information is compared to past information to see how the City has changed over time, and forecasts are made of possible future population, employment and housing growth.
        View the draft Community Profile (November 2013)(PDF 6.68 MB]

Periodic Update Checklist for Cities 
The Growth Services Division of the state Department of Commerce has prepared a checklist to help cities plan consistent with the Growth Management Act (GMA) and to conduct a “periodic review and update” required by RCW 36.70A.130(4). The City can use this checklist to identify components of its Comprehensive Plan and development regulations that need to be updated.

Useful Resources for the Update of Comprehensive Plans and Development Regulations
The Growth Services Division of the state Department of Commerce has prepared a resource list dated April 2013 that contains relevant laws, rules and resources applicable to updates to comprehensive plans and development regulations. Topics include transportation, housing, critical areas, parks and recreation, energy and climate change and compact urban development.