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General Element Chapters
As part of the Update, the general Plan Element chapters of the Comprehensive Plan will be reviewed through a public process.
A summary of the purpose of each Comprehensive Plan Element chapter and the proposed revisions to the Element as agreed upon by the Planning Commission are provided as the revisions are complete.  You can subscribe to receive the Planning Commission meeting agenda via email.

Existing Chapters means the adopted version
Revised Chapters shows the actual changes to the content

Below are links to the existing Plan Element chapters. As the draft updates to the Plan Element chapters are prepared, the draft documents will be provided below.

Updated September 23, 2015 for October 6, 2015 City Council Study Session.
  1. Introduction (Revised Chapter - PDF 1.7 MB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 1.22 MB)

    The element provides the history of Kirkland, addresses the community profile, and describes the latest growth targets and available capacity for housing units and number of jobs.

  2. Vision Statement and Guiding Principles (Revised Chapter - PDF 265 KB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 585 KB)

    The existing Vision Statement is a verbal snapshot of Kirkland in 20 years that summarizes the desired character, values and characteristics of our community. It provides the ultimate goals for our community planning and development efforts.

    The existing Framework Goals express the fundamental principles for guiding growth and development in Kirkland over the 20-year horizon. They are based on the desires and values embodied in the Vision Statement.

    Under the Draft version, the Vision Statement has been shortened to be more succinct and the Framework Goals have been deleted and replaced with Guiding Principals that are more aspirational and concise.  Both documents reflect the public comments received during the Visioning Conversations held from September 2013 to January 2014.  To view the public comment summaries, visit the Learning Center page.

  3. General (Revised Chapter - PDF 61 KB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 90 KB)

    The element addresses plan applicability and consistency with the Growth Management Act, the Shoreline Management Act, regional policies adopted by the Puget Sound Regional Council (currently Vision 2040), and state and local agencies. The element contains a description of the plan amendment process.

  4. Community Character (Revised Chapter - PDF 4.2 MB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 635KB)
    The element focuses on the city’s identity, community character and the importance of Kirkland’s historic structures, sites and objects that connect us to the City’s past.

  5. Environment (New Chapter) (PDF 3.5 MB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 1.60MB)
    The element focuses on managing the natural environment, natural water systems, sustainability, vegetation, soils and geology and air. The sensitive area maps are contained in this chapter.

  6. Land Use (Revised Chapter - PDF 1 MB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 805 KB)

    The element addresses how to plan for and manage our future growth. It establishes the basis for the development patterns of the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional areas of the City. The Land Use Map is contained in this chapter.

  7. Housing (Revised Chapter - PDF 456 KB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 293 KB)

    The element addresses the diversity of our housing types, including affordable housing and special needs housing. It also addresses the preservation of our neighborhood quality while improving housing opportunities for all residents.

  8. Economic Development (Revised Chapter - PDF 3.3 MB)

     Existing Chapter (PDF 409 KB)

    The element provides a framework for a three-pronged strategy for Kirkland’s future economy: the importance of diversifying our tax base, providing job opportunities and providing goods and services to the community.

  9. Transportation (New Chapter) (PDF 10 MB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 193 MB)
    The element sets the basis for developing and maintaining a balanced multimodal transportation system that supports the City’s Land Use Element and integrates with the regional transportation system.  It identifies the improvements needed to support the land use pattern established by the Land Use Element and sets level of service standards.

    Note: The Transportation Element will be scaled down to not contain the Action Measures and some of the background sidebar information.  The Transportation Master Plan will be the basis for revisions to the Transportation Element.

  10. Parks, Recreation & Open Space (New Chapter) (PDF 511 KB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 114 MB)
    The element provides a plan for park facilities and services for current and future residents along with level of service standards. The chapter contains a map of all city parks and public open spaces

    Note: The City has been updating it's Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan.  This Plan will be the basis for revisions to the Park Element.  View the May 2015 draft PROS Plan (PDF)

  11. Utilities (Revised Chapter - PDF 2.4 MB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 1.74 MB)
    The element addresses water, sewer, surface water, electric power, natural gas and telecommunications facilities and services for city-managed and non-city managed utilities.

  12. Public Services (Revised Chapter - PDF 897 KB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 1.23 MB)
    The element addresses fire and emergency medical services, police protection, solid waste collection and transfer, schools and libraries and the continued response to meet the demand for service.

  13. Human Services (Revised Chapter - PDF 339 KB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 173 MB)
    The element addresses youth, senior, and human services in partnership with local human services providers.

  14. Capital Facilities (Revised Chapter - PDF 518 KB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 237 KB)
    The element contains the Capital Facilities Plan (CFP), a funded six-year financing plan to pay for transportation, parks, and fire and building capital projects that support existing and future development on the Land Use Map. The CFP reflects portions of the City’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The element also contains level of service standards for each type of capital facilities and a 20-year list of transportation projects, many of which are not funded yet.

  15. Implementation Strategies (Revised Chapter - PDF 401 KB)

    Existing Chapter (PDF 67 KB)
    The chapter contains a broad range of measures necessary to implement the Comprehensive Plan.  It is a “to do” list for each element and is divided into one-time and ongoing projects.

  16. Appendix A: Level of Service Methodology (deleted/to be provided on the City's webpage)  Existing Chapter (PDF 126 KB) 

    This Appendix will be deleted.

    The appendix contains background information on the Growth Management Act, and a general discussion on approaches to developing a Capital Facilities Plan, level of service methodology (how LOS is measured, such as park acreage per 1,000 people), and  setting level of service standards (the adopted standard, such as 2.1 acres/1,000 people for neighborhood parks).

  17. Appendix B: Glossary (only those definitions with changes included)  Existing Chapter (PDF 310 KB) This Appendix will be updated later. The appendix contains definitions for certain terminology used in the Comprehensive Plan.

  18. Appendix C: Design Principles, Residential Development Existing Chapter (PDF 298KB)
    This Appendix will be deleted from the Comprehensive Plan and inserted into the Kirkland Municipal Code, chapter 3.30.040.

    The appendix includes general design principles for both single family and multifamily residential development throughout the City.

  19. Zoning Map amendments to remove 10 suffixes that reference policies in the Comprehensive Plan. (PDF 4.8 MB)
  20. List of 95 small City parcels in annexation area to be rezoned (small parks or open spaces). (PDF 590 KB)
  21. Zoning Map and Land Use Map Amendments to rezone 95 small City parcels in annexation area.(PDF 298 KB)
  22. Zoning Map and Land Use Map amendments to the map legends.(PDF 402 KB)

  23. Section 10.20 KZC amendment for administrative corrections to the Zoning Map.
    (PDF 51 KB)
  24. Section 10.35 KZC amendment for interpretation of zoning boundaries in Lake Washington.
    (PDF 55 KB)
  25. Chapter 142 KZC and KMC 3.30.040 amendments for deleting Appendix C.

  26. Rose Hill Business District Design Guidelines - minor amendments.
    (PDF 59 KB)
  27. Comments from Department of Commerce dated August 6, 2015.

  28. Comments from Puget Sound Regional Council dated September 24, 2015.

  29. Council person Jay Arnold's email dated September 8, 2015 about future new neighborhood plans and neighborhood plan updates. (PDF 281 KB)

  30. Comment log summarizing written public comments.