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The Comprehensive Plan Update provided an opportunity to review existing neighborhood plans for needed minor changes to maps and text to reflect current conditions and new information. In early 2014, the City initiated outreach to the various Neighborhood Associations to gather proposed changes to the Plans.  For the annexed neighborhoods of Juanita and Kingsgate, it was an opportunity to create new neighborhood plans that reflect existing conditions and a preliminary vision for the neighborhood. More time was needed for Finn Hill and therefore, in April of 2015 The City began to work with the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance to develop its first neighborhood plan due to be completed in 2016.

View ordinances adopted by the City Council on Dec. 8, 2015 that adopted the Comprehensive Plan, Neighborhood Plans, the Totem Lake Business District Plan, General Minor Zoning and Municipal Code amendments, General Zoning and Land Use Map amendments, Citizen Amendment Requests, the MRM Amendment Request, the Walen Citizen Amendment Request and the Nelson/Cruikshank Citizen Amendment Request.

Summary of process
As part of the Comprehensive Plan update, the City created a public outreach process (PDF) to consider comments on potential amendments to the neighborhood plans. Major policy changes were not considered because this would be beyond the scope of the Plan Update process and would take significant time and staffing resources. Meetings were held with Neighborhood Associations in 2014 and 2015 (see more detail below). The Citizen Amendment Requests for changes in land use were also studied with the Neighborhood Plan update process. Public Hearings were held in the summer of 2015 to allow for public comments on the draft plans. On December 8, 2015, the Council adopted the Comprehensive Plan and associated amendments.

Existing Neighborhood Plans and Draft Revisions

Revised Neighborhood Plans (Adopted by Ordinance 0-4494)
Bridle Trails Neighborhood Plan (PDF)
Central Houghton Neighborhood Plan (update maps only) (PDF)
Everest Neighborhood Plan (PDF)
Highlands Neighborhood Plan (PDF)
Juanita Neighborhood Plan (complete update) (PDF)
Kingsgate Neighborhood Plan (PDF)
Lakeview Neighborhood Plan (update maps only) (PDF)
Market Street Neighborhood Plan (update maps only) (PDF)
Market Street Corridor Plan (update maps only) (PDF)
Moss Bay Neighborhood Plan (PDF)
NE 85th Street Subarea Plan (PDF)
Norkirk Neighborhood Plan (PDF)
North Rose Hill Neighborhood Plan (PDF)
South Rose Hill Neighborhood Plan (PDF)

Adopted by Ordinance O-4495(PDF)
Totem Lake Neighborhood Plan (PDF)

Totem Lake Neighborhood Plan CARs Transmittal Memo Exhibits - City Council Meeting of October 20, 2015 
1.  Evergreen Health proposed Zoning Map change
2.  Evergreen Health proposed Comprehensive Land Use Map change
3.  Rairdon proposed Zoning Map change
4.  Rairdon proposed Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map change
5.  Rairdon proposed Comprehensive Plan text changes
6.  Rairdon proposed Zoning text amendments
7.  Astronics proposed Comprehensive Plan text changes
8.  Astronics proposed Zoning text amendments
9.  Morris proposed Zoning Map change
10. Morris proposed Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map change
11. Morris proposed Comprehensive Plan text changes
12. Morris proposed Zoning text amendments (TL7)
13. Morris proposed Zoning text amendments (RM 3.6)
14. Modeling TL7 Height Shadow Impact Analysis
15. Totem Commercial Center proposed Zoning Map changes (TL 7A and TL 7B)
16. Totem Commercial Center Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map change
17. Totem Commercial Center proposed Zoning text amendments
18. Walen proposed Zoning Map change
19. Walen proposed Comprehensive Plan Land Use map change
20. Walen proposed Comprehensive Plan text changes
21. Walen proposed Zoning text amendments
22. Comment log summarizing written public comments

Totem Lake Neighborhood Plan Transmittal Memo Exhibits - City Council Meeting of October 20, 2015
1.  Totem Lake Business District Plan (major revision)
2.  Totem Lake Business District proposed Zoning text amendments
3.  Totem Lake Business District proposed Zoning Map changes (in addition to changes related to CARs)
4.  Comment log summarizing written public comments 

Chapter 40 LIT KZC Amendments
Comment log summarizing written public comments

Outreach to Neighborhood Associations - Background

At the first session, held in January and February 2014, all attendees received a presentation about the Comprehensive Plan process.  Breakout sessions by neighborhoods were held and participants were asked to give input on their respective Neighborhood Plans.

At the second session held in May and June 2014, participants prioritized comments received at the first meeting.  General comments about transportation, parks and open space were noted to be  addressed with the general chapters of the Comprehensive Plan update.

Also the second session, a presentation was made regarding a new tool the city is studying to assess the areas of the city that are located within a 10 minute walk to schools, shops, transit stops, work and parks.  The “10 Minute Neighborhood” analysis is a tool for Kirkland residents to talk about what it means to be livable, walkable, sustainable, connected and transit-oriented.  These were some of the more common words described by residents participating in the Comprehensive Plan Visioning exercises used to described the desired Kirkland of the future.

Also as part of the second series, a facilitated discussion regarding business districts shared by the neighborhoods was held. 

The Powerpoint slide shows, summary of meetings notes, and specific comments (for each Neighborhood Plan) are posted to the Learning Center webpage under “Neighborhood Plan Sessions.”

Most of the neighborhood comments related to transportation and park improvements that people would like to see in their neighborhoods. Many of these comments can will be addressed in the Transportation Master Plan, the Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan, Capital Improvement Program or other City plans or programs.  The few of the remaining comments relating to the Comprehensive Plan or development regulations would require additional time and thus should be considered with a future work program.

On October 8, 2014 the Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods (KAN) received a status report on the Neighborhood Plan Update process (PDF) as well as the Comprehensive Plan Update and Citizen Amendment Requests. The Planning & Community Development Department met with Neighborhood Associations in 2014 and mid-2015 to receive comments on proposed changes to Neighborhood Plans.