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Final adoption of Comprehensive Plan Update
City Council, December 8, 2015 Meeting

  1. Ordinance O-4493: Element Chapters
    Exhibit 1: Introduction (PDF 2.4MB)
    Exhibit 2: Vision and Guiding Principles (PDF 731kb)
    Exhibit 3: General Element (PDF 2MB)
    Exhibit 4: Community Character Element (PDF 598kb)
    Exhibit 5: Environment Element (PDF 2.1MB)
    Exhibit 6: Land Use Element (PDF 856kb)
    Exhibit 7: Housing Element (PDF 1.3MB)
    Exhibit 8: Economic Development Element (PDF 957kb)
    Exhibit 9: Transportation Element (PDF 6.8MB)
    Exhibit 10: Park, Recreation and Open Space Element (PDF 1.4MB)
    Exhibit 11: Utilities Element (PDF 1.8MB)
    Exhibit 12: Public Services Element (PDF 948kb)
    Exhibit 13: Human Services Element (PDF 2MB)
    Exhibit 14: Capital Facilities Element (PDF 1.2MB)
    Exhibit 15: Implementation Strategies (PDF 961kb)
    Exhibit 16: Appendix A – Level of Service Methodology (deleted) (PDF 135kb)
    Exhibit 17: Appendix B Glossary (PDF 397kb)
    Exhibit 18: Appendix C - Design Principles - Residential Development (deleted) (PDF 397kb)
    Publication Summary of Ordinance O-4493

  2. Ordinance O-4494: Neighborhood Plans and related Code amendments
    ADOPTED ORDINANCE O-4494 (PDF 284kb)
    Exhibit 1: Lakeview (PDF 2MB)
    Exhibit 2: Central Houghton (PDF 3.6MB)
    Exhibit 3: Bridle Trails (PDF 3.3MB)
    Exhibit 4: Moss Bay (PDF 2.2MB)
    Exhibit 5: Everest (PDF 2.1MB)
    Exhibit 6: North Rose Hill (PDF 2.2MB)
    Exhibit 7: NE 85th Street (PDF 1.5MB)
    Exhibit 8: South Rose Hill (PDF 2.6MB)
    Exhibit 9: Juanita (PDF 3MB)
    Exhibit 10: Market (PDF 1.5MB)
    Exhibit 11: Market Street Corridor (PDF 696kb)
    Exhibit 12: Norkirk (PDF 2MB)
    Exhibit 13: Highlands (PDF 1.7MB)
    Exhibit 14: Kingsgate (PDF 3MB)
    Exhibit 15: Zoning Code Chapter 40 Industrial Zones amendment
    Publication Summary of Ordinance O-4494

  3. Ordinance O-4495: Totem Lake Business District Plan and Zoning Code Amendments
    ADOPTED ORDINANCE O-4495 (PDF 264kb)
    Exhibit 1: Totem Lake Business District Plan replacing Totem Lake Neighborhood Plan (PDF 4MB)
    Exhibit 2: Municipal Code Section 3.30.040 and Zoning Code Chapters 10, 20, 55, 92, 95, 105, 110, 115, 142, and 180 amendments (PDF 5.1MB)
    Exhibit 3: Zoning Map amendments (PDF 459kb)
    Publication Summary of Ordinance O-4495

  4. Ordinances O-4496: General Minor Zoning Code and Municipal Code Amendments
    ADOPTED ORDINANCE O-4496 (PDF 294kb)
    Exhibit 1: Zoning Code Section 10.20 amendments (PDF 456kb)
    Exhibit 2: Zoning Code Section 10.35 amendments (PDF 493KB)
    Exhibit 3: Zoning Code Sections 142.25 and 142.35 amendments (PDF 32kb)
    Exhibit 4: Municipal Code Section 3.30.040 amendments (PDF 32kb)
    Exhibit 5: Rose Hill Design Guidelines amendments (PDF116kb)
    Exhibit 6: Residential Development Design Guidelines (prior Appendix C) (PDF 1.3MB)
    Publication Summary of Ordinance O-4496

  5. Ordinances O-4497: General Zoning Map and Land Use Map amendments
    ADOPTED ORDINANCE O-4497 (PDF 308kb)
    Exhibit 1: Zoning Map and Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map amendments to rezone 95 city parcels to Park zone (PDF 696kb)
    Exhibit 2: Zoning Map and Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map amendments to revise legend (PDF 380kb)
    Exhibit 3: Zoning Map amendment to remove suffixes (PDF 4.5MB)
    Publication Summary of Ordinance O-4497

  6. Ordinance O-4498: Citizen Amendment Requests (Comp Plan, Zoning Code and Zoning Map Amendments)
    ADOPTED ORDINANCE O-4498 (PDF 488kb)

  7. Ordinance O-4499: MRM Request (Zoning Code Amendment)
    ADOPTED ORDINANCE O-4499 (PDF 353kb)

  8. Ordinance O-4505: Walen CAR (Comp Plan, Zoning Code and Zoning Map Amendments)
    ADOPTED ORDINANCE O-4505 (PDF 377kb)

  9. Ordinance O-4506: Nelson/ Cruikshank CAR (Comp Plan, Zoning Code and Zoning Map Amendments)
    ADOPTED ORDINANCE O-4506 (PDF 240kb)