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Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

FINAL EIS  (PDF 3MB Posted 11/24/15) 

DRAFT EIS (PDF 16MB Posted 6/24/15)

A Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has been prepared for the Comprehensive Plan Update that assesses significant impacts that could result from Kirkland’s planned future growth, any amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and development regulations and selected
Citizen Amendment Requests.​  The Draft EIS evaluates three “growth alternatives” which differ in how projected growth would be distributed.
  • Alternative 1: Existing Plan: Totem Lake as major employment and housing center, CBD as secondary growth center, small amount of growth in neighborhood centers, light industrial areas slowly converting to office;
  • Alternative 2: Totem Lake/Downtown Focus: More growth in Totem Lake area and no growth in neighborhood centers; same above for industrial;
  • Alternative 3: More Dispersed Growth: More housing growth in neighborhood centers and CDB, less employment growth in CBD, less housing and employment growth in Totem Lake, residential/office/retail in Norkirk industrial and retail/hotel/office in North Rose Hill industrial area.

The EIS was issued on June 24, 2015 with opportunities for written public comments. Final EIS was issued on Nov. 24, 2015.

In addition, the City prepared a Totem Lake Planned Action EIS.

The Final EIS responds to public comments received on the Draft EIS, issued on June 24, 2015, and provides corrections and clarifications to the environmental analysis contained in the Draft EIS. The Final EIS carries forward all three of the growth alternatives that were evaluated in the Draft EIS without changes. The Kirkland Planning Commission made a recommendation to consider Growth Alternative 2 (Totem Lake/Downtown Focus) as the preferred alternative. The Final EIS also updates the DEIS analysis of Citizen Amendment Requests to reflect recommendations and revisions made by the Kirkland Planning Commission on the various amendment requests since publication of the Draft EIS.

The City issued a Scoping Summary (PDF 2.28 MB) in response to comments received from the Scoping Notice issued in April 2014.

 March 2014  Select consultant
 April 2014  Issue scoping notice
 June 2015  Issue Draft EIS and hold public hearing
 July 2015  Public Hearing: July 9, 7 pm, Kirkland City Hall
 November 2015
 Issue Final EIS

(updated 11/24/15)

Milestones and Opportunities to Provide Input

  • Berk Consulting was selected as the lead consulting team to prepare the EIS with The Watershed Company addressing the environment, Studio 3MW addressing policies and plans, and Fehr and Peers addressing transportation.
  • Comments on the Scope of the EIS were accepted through June 20, 2014. See attached document for more information (PDF).
  • The City issued a Scoping Summary (PDF 2.28 MB) in response to comments received from the Scoping Notice issued in April 2014.
  • Draft EIS analyzes significant adverse impacts of possible alternative growth scenarios, selected private amendment requests, and the draft amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. It also identifies possible mitigating measures that would avoid or minimize the adverse impacts or enhance environmental quality.
  • Public hearing held by the EIS Official (Planning Director) on the Draft EIS.  Written and oral comments will be accepted.
  • Final EIS responds to the comments on the Draft EIS and may provide revisions to the Draft EIS.