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As part of the Comprehensive Plan update process, the City considered Citizen Amendment Requests (CARs) to change the zoning or development standards for certain properties. Applications were accepted through June 20, 2014 and then requests were selected for consideration in 2015. Many of the study areas for the selected requests were expanded.

Summary of process
Below is the list of CARs submitted and an associated "study area" map that the Planning Commission studied as part of the updates to Neighborhood Plans
On June 20, 2014 the City accepted CAR applications that proposed property specific changes to the land use map/zoning map, existing Plan goals and policies and/or zoning regulations. On July 10, 2014, the Planning Commission considered 30 requests and forwarded its recommendations to the City Council on the requests to study. On July 15, 2014 the City Council selected the final list of CAR's for the Planning Commission to study. On September 11, 2014 the Planning Commission determined the study areas for each request. The CAR map is located in the box above.
Open Houses and public hearings were held during the summer of 2015.  The Commission made recommendations to the City Council. Potential impacts of CARs were analyzed in the Environmental Impact Statement prepared for the Comprehensive Plan Update. Final approval of the CAR's was considered with the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan update in December 2015.

Basra request (North Rose Hill Neighborhood/Commercial area) (PDF 207 KB)
Basra CAR Public Meeting Notice July 23 (PDF 216 KB)
   - Basra Proposed Zoning Map Changes
   - Basra Proposed Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map Changes
   - Basra Proposed Comprehensive Plan text changes eliminating Light Manufacturing Park
   - Basra Proposed RH 5A Zoning Changes     

Griffis request (North Rose Hill Neighborhood) (PDF 191 KB)
Griffis CAR Public Meeting Notice July 23 (PDF 216 KB)
- Griffis Proposed Zoning Map changes
   - Griffis Proposed Comprehsnive Plan Land Use Map Changes
   - Griffis Proposed NE 85th Street Subarea Plan text changes
   - Griffis Proposed RH 8 Zoning Regulations Changes
   - Griffis Proposed Design Review Zoning Regulations
   - Griffis Proposed Affordable Housing Incentives - Multifamily

Norkirk Light Industrial(LIT) request (Norkirk Neighborhood) (PDF 1069 KB)
Norkirk CAR Public Meeting Notice, July 23 (PDF 219 KB)
   - Norkirk LIT Proposed Industrial Zoning Changes

Newland request (Juanita Neighborhood)  (PDF 210 KB)
Newland CAR Public Meeting Notice June 25 (PDF 228 KB)
   - Newland Proposed Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map Changes
   - Newland proposed Zoning Map Changes

Nelson/Cruikshank requests (Moss Bay Neighborhood) (PDF 191 KB)
Nelson/Cruikshank CAR Public Meeting Notice June 25 (PDF 793 KB)
   - Nelson/Cruikshank proposed Zoning Map Changes
   - Nelson/Cruikshank proposed Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map Change
   - Nelson/Cruikshank proposed Zoning Text Amendments

Waddell request (Everest Neighborhood/Downtown) (PDF 201 KB)
Waddell CAR Public Meeting Notice, June 25 (PDF 219 KB)
   - Waddell proposed Zoning Text Amendments

Comment Log Summarizing written public comments for Basra, Griffis, Norkirk LIT, Newland, Nelson/Cruikshank & Waddell CAR's

Walen request (North Rose Hill Neighborhood/Commercial area) (PDF 292 KB)
Walen CAR Public Meeting Notice  July 23 (PDF 212 KB)

Evergreen Healthcare request (Totem Lake Neighborhood) (PDF 218 KB)
Evergreen Healthcare CAR Public Meeting Notice, August 13 (PDF 214 KB)

Totem Commercial Center/Woosley request (Totem Lake Neighborhood) (PDF 268 KB)
Totem Commercial Center CAR Public Meeting Notice  August 13 (PDF 218 KB)

Rairdon request (Totem Lake Neighborhood) (PDF 259 KB)
Rairdon CAR Public Meeting Notice, August 13  (PDF 218 KB)

Morris request (Totem Lake Neighborhood) (PDF 195 KB)
Morris CAR Public Meeting Notice, August 13  (PDF 215 KB)

Astronics Corp/Suzuki request (Totem Lake Neighborhood) (PDF 208 KB)
Astronics Corp CAR Public Meeting Notice, August 13  (PDF 212 KB)

Other Amendment Request: 
MRM request (Moss Bay Neighborhood/Downtown) (PDF 208 KB)
MRM Amendment Request Public Meeting Notice, June 25  (PDF 211 KB)
   - Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan
   - Moss Bay Element - East Core Frame
   - Moss Bay Element - Height References
   - Zoning Code Amendments
   - Comment log summarizing the written comments

Scope of Study Area of Each Request: The scope of the study area for each request was determined based on existing zoning and uses, adjacency to major streets, commercials centers and transit, logical boundaries for different uses and other factors.  In most cases the study areas are expanded to include some of the surrounding properties.

Public input: Public notice was mailed and installed on public notice signs surrounding each CAR parcel. Email announcements regarding each CAR were issued through the Kirkland 2035 listserv. Verbal comments were given at the Planning Commission study sessions and public hearing. Written comments were received.