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Background: Comprehensive Plan Update
As required by the Growth Management Act the City will do a complete review and update of the general Plan Element chapters of the Comprehensive Plan.  The Act further requires that the City’s Comprehensive Plan address a time horizon of 20 years. The Plan Update will be completed in 2015 which puts the planning horizon year at 2035.

Key reasons for the update include:
  • Bring the Plan and related development regulations up to date with changes in state GMA legislation;
  • Prepare for future changes in land use, employment and population growth;
  • Consider public comments from City visioning efforts;
  • Incorporate Smart Growth Principles and other planning concepts; and
  • Reflect the City Council goals.
The General Elements apply city-wide and address key topics as land use, housing, transportation and natural environment. The Plan Element chapters consist of goals that describe the desired end that the community is trying to attain and the policies that are principles to reflect the City’s intent.  

The City will also consider updates to the Totem Lake Business District to support economic development within the Totem Lake Neighborhood Plan. Amendments to ensure that policies and objectives support the vision for the business district will be considered. These amendments will also incorporate changes related to the Comprehensive Plan Update, the study of a Transfer of Development Rights program, the Totem Lake Park Master Plan, and other related efforts.

Transfer of Development Rights Program
Associated with the update of the Comprehensive Plan is a study of the potential for utilizing a transfer of development rights program in the Totem Lake Business District.  If adopted, the Transfer of Development Rights program would enable development rights to be transferred from rural and natural resource areas outside of the city to the Totem Lake Urban Center.  In exchange, development would be restricted on forest and rural lands outside the urban growth boundary. The study will evaluate the demand and potential for increased development in Totem Lake, and explore the feasibility of financing programs to fund amenities and improvements in the Totem Lake area. 

Neighborhood Plan Updates
The Comprehensive Plan Update does not include preparing new neighborhood plans. However, there may be some amendments to neighborhood plans if necessary to maintain consistency with the general Element chapters and/or based on public input. View the Neighborhood Plan webpage.