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History of Planning in Kirkland
Is planning for the future new in Kirkland? 
Kirkland has a long history of planning for its future (Read “For the Greatest Benefit”). The first Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1963 and rewritten in 1977 (“The Land Use Policies Plan”). To comply with adoption of the Growth Management Act (GMA), Kirkland overhauled its Comprehensive Plan in 1995 (“Charting a Future Course”). The 1995 Plan has been the foundation for the City’s planning efforts over the past 18 years.
The City annually updates portions of the General Element chapters of the Plan to reflect new Growth Management Act legislation changes, new capital projects in the most recent update of the City’s Capital Improvement Plan along with any housekeeping amendments. Neighborhood plans have been updated as time allows given available resources and priorities in the City’s work program.

The last major update to the Comprehensive Plan was the 2004 Growth Management Act Plan Update, which included an Environmental Impact Statement and a public outreach program called Community Conversations. That program earned Kirkland the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Vision 2020 Award. In 2008, Kirkland was awarded a Governor’s Smart Communities Award for Implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.

The Growth Management Act requires cities and counties to update their Comprehensive Plans every eight years. Kirkland’s next update is due by June 2015.  Aside from complying with state requirements, this Plan update is an opportunity to consider the community we want to become and to direct future growth in a way that fits the desires of our community. In addition, this next update provides the City a path to incorporate the annexed areas of Finn Hill, North Juanita and Kingsgate into the General Elements Chapters of the Plan.