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CKC Beacon Project
​The Kirkland Parks Foundation, received support from Google and the City, to bring the "New&Now" experience to you on the Cross Kirkland Corridor. As you travel the trail, information will be available to you on your smart phone at various points along the way. There will be information on a variety of subjects—the Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan, Environment, History, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), local events, etc. so stay tuned.

"New&Now" app download instructions New&Now App | CKC Beacon Map (PDF- 281 kb)

Master Plan Character Zones
The Master Plan divides the corridor into nine distinct geographic regions or “Character Zones” each with unique attributes and opportunities for growth and development. Potential projects are not funded yet, but they provide a vision for the community to work toward in the future.

For more information read Understanding the Corridor (PDF-15 MB).

Character Zones are listed below in order from south to north. New&Now BeaconView beacon information in each zone.

Yarrow Woods Character Zone—Stretches from 108th Ave NE to Carillon Point. This zone is characterized by dramatic topography (steep slopes down to and away from the corridor) and a forested edge with occasional breaks for views to the west.
New&Now BeaconKirkland Connecting to the Region
New&Now BeaconAccess to South Kirkland Park & Ride
New&Now BeaconNatural Portal

Houghton Porch Character Zone—Heading north from Yarrow Woods, this zone extends to NE 65th and is primarily characterized by open views to Lake Washington to the west.  
New&Now BeaconMicro Shelters

Convergence Character Zone—Extends north to the corridor intersection with 6th Street South. There is existing commercial and business characteristics and near-term development potential including the Google campus and Feriton Spur. 
New&Now BeaconAmphitheater
New&Now BeaconPublic Private Partnerships

Everest Edge Character Zone—Bounded by 6th Street South and NE 85th Street to the north, this zone is characterized by relatively level terrain that transitions to Kirkland Ave, Railroad Ave, and Kirkland Way.
New&Now BeaconGardens
New&Now BeaconDay Lighting Everest Creek
New&Now BeaconHistoric Site of Railroad Depot

Norkirk Edge Character Zone—Reaches north to the corridor crossing of 110th Ave NE. This section is primarily identified by the properties along the west (Norkirk) side, with the potential of a vital commercial or mixed-use district activating the corridor’s edge. 
New&Now BeaconNorkirk Catwalk

Highlands Pass Character Zone—Continues north to approximately 116th Ave NE. This zone is characterized by dense vegetation and an extensive forest canopy above. 
New&Now BeaconNatural Beauty

Active Character Zone—Extends north to 120th Ave NE and is a rebranding of the ParMac area. The name honors the recreation related activities now occupying the transitional industrial area.
New&Now BeaconRecreation and Community Building

West Totem Lake Connection Character Zone—Marks the potential overcrossing of 120th Ave NE and undercrossing of I-405. This is an area where the Active Zone has ended but the next zone, Totem Lake, has yet to formally begin.
New&Now BeaconActivate with Art

Totem Lake Character Zone—Begins at the undercrossing on the east side of I-405 and continues east to the end of Kirkland's ownership of the Eastside Rail Corridor on 132nd Ave NE. Totem Lake Park is pulled into the realm of the corridor to form a significant swath of green space within the Totem Lake neighborhood.
New&Now BeaconIconic Bridge
New&Now BeaconKirkland Connecting to its Neighbors