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Monthly Update – September 2014

September 23, 2014


Public Improvements Enhance the CKC

SRM Development has proposed $2.8 million in public improvements on the CKC next to the Google campus.  The improvements include a 16 foot wide hard surface trail, a meandering secondary trail, a basketball court, resting and gathering spots, trees, beachy dunes with a volley ball court, and a children’s play structure. Construction is scheduled to begin November 2014 and be complete by June 2015. There will be a detour on the CKC while the improvements are under construction.  In 2014 the detour will wrap around the western edge of SRM’s new development and during 2015 the detour will go through Google’s existing facility onto 6th Street South.

But wait there’s more!  As part of its expansion of the Google campus, SRM Development is paying SEPA Mitigation fees and Transportation Impact Fees.   A portion of those fees are contributing to the installation of two new traffic signals and street frontage improvements on adjacent and surrounding streets to the existing campus (Phase I) and the expansion (Google Phase II).  In an Agreement between the City and SRM, a new traffic signal on 6th Street South at Kirkland Way and on at 9th Avenue South will be funded through Transportation Impact Fees.  The Agreement was unanimously approved by the City Council on September 16, 2014.

Also per the Agreement, the City will complete the installation of water, sewer, and partial storm water facilities on 7th Avenue South by the end of 2014. Once those utility improvements are complete, SRM will install street frontage improvements (curb, gutter, and sidewalk) on 7th Avenue South by May 2015.  SRM is contributing more than $330,000 for the installation of 1,200 feet of new sidewalk to be installed along the west side of 6th Street South from Google Phase I campus to 5th Place South.  View a map of the City and SRM public improvements.(PDF)

More public improvements are coming with a proposal from Nytec for a sculpture garden along the CKC at 6th Street South.  True to its acronym for its company name, Nytec truly is “Not Your Typical Engineering Company!” The sculpture garden will be open to the public and accessible from the CKC.  On the weekends, Nytec will allow public parking and access to the CKC from their property.  Preliminary plans have been submitted to the City for review and are posted on the CKC web site.  The construction timeline for this project is not yet known. 

Construction Update: First Section of Interim Trail is Nearing Completion

The first section of the Interim Trail is nearing completion (108th Avenue NE to 6th Street South).  Once the road crossings are complete and the fencing is installed, this section will be reopened for public use.   At the NE 52nd Street crossing, the rails have been salvaged and the trail crossing and storm drainage facilities are complete.  Coming soon are rapid flashing beacons and safety fencing to complete the crossing.  At the 6th Street S. crossing, sidewalks have been constructed and traffic islands and rapid flashing beacons are being installed to improve pedestrian safety.

The contractor will then begin work on the next section from 6th Street South to 112th Avenue NE starting with the gravel and compaction and then moving to intersection/crossing improvements at Kirkland Avenue, NE 87th Street and 110th Avenue NE.   

Watch for construction closure signs and updates on the Cross Kirkland Corridor Interim Trail webpage and if you follow the City of Kirkland on Twitter, you’ll get automatic updates.   

On a related CKC note, we are fielding questions about the recently completed street overlay project on NE 124th Street at I405.  When will the rail road crossing get a makeover?  As part of the City’s Street Overlay Project, NE 124th Street from 116th Avenue NE to the western side of the I405 overpass and from the eastern side of the overpass to just east of 120th Place NE has been resurfaced. The rails will be removed and road will be resurfaced at the CKC crossing of NE 124th Street and Totem Lake Boulevard as part of the CKC interim Trail project. Pedestrian and bicycle directional signs will be installed to direct CKC users to cross at the intersections.  We anticipate this work being done later this year.

Milestone Celebration for Interim Trail: How should we celebrate?

You know how much we love to celebrate the CKC!  We are hoping to host a celebration later this year. The City’s Cultural Arts Commission may award some 4Culture grant money to performers.  Get your thinking cap on now and send us your ideas on how to get this party started!

You’re invited… Comprehensive Plan Open House

As part of its “Kirkland 2035” initiative, the City is hosting an Open House on Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014, 5 to 7 p.m., City Hall.  The Kirkland community has been engaged with City leaders on planning for Kirkland’s future.  A major conversation has been around the update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The Open House is an opportunity for the City to share how public feedback has played into updates to General Elements of the Plan including Neighborhood Plans.  The CKC connects to 9 neighborhoods.  Stop by the Open House and get the latest on the Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan and the Interim Trail Construction.  

We really do want to hear from you!