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Monthly Update – October 2014

October 17, 2014

Celebration for Interim Trail: Come brainstorm with us at the Oct. 27 Brown Bag Lunch

It’s time to start planning the Interim Trail celebration! We plan to host a celebration in mid-December. The City’s Cultural Arts Commission may award some 4Culture grant money to performers. The preliminary date is Saturday, December 20 – with a solstice themed night walk with hand crafted lanterns and more. Get your thinking cap on now and send us your ideas on how to get this party started! Or, come to the next Brown Bag lunch on Monday, October 27, 2014 at 12 p.m. in the City Council Chambers to help make this a celebration the community can rally behind.

SRM Development’s public improvements are being finalized

SRM Development’s $2.8 million of public improvements are being finalized (PDF).  Comments from the City and public have been incorporated into the final design.  Construction is anticipated to begin in November and be complete by June 2015.

There will be a detour on the CKC while the improvements are under construction (JPG). In 2014 the detour will wrap around the western edge of SRM’s new development and during 2015 the detour will go through Google’s existing facility onto 6th Street South.

Nytec’s sculpture garden at 6th Street South/CKC:  Nearing the final design phase

Preliminary plans have been submitted to the City for review. (PDF) On the weekends, Nytec will allow public parking and access to the CKC from its property. Nytec hopes to start construction this year with the vegetation planting scheduled for next spring.

Chainline Brewery signed the first CKC Use Permit with the City of Kirkland

Chainline Brewery, located at 503 6th Avenue S, will be building a deck (approximately 11 x 33 feet) onto the CKC for access and outside seating (to be opened next year).  The deck will be under construction soon. The agreement enables the City or Chainline to terminate this agreement, if necessary, at any time.  Scott Holm, Owner, hopes to have the Brewery open early next year, if not before.

Interim Trail construction moves past 6th Street South

Construction on the Interim Trail has extended beyond 6th Street South.  The contractor is finishing the street crossings and installing fencing at various locations before the southern sections of the trail can be opened to the public.  The trail is currently closed from the City of Bellevue at 108th Avenue NE to Totem Lake’s NE 112th Street. Sections will be reopened for public use once the safety improvements are complete.

Watch for construction closure signs and updates on the Cross Kirkland Corridor Interim Trail webpage and if you follow the City of Kirkland on Twitter, you’ll get automatic updates.

Keeping the Corridor Clean

Early next year, the City will be installing trash receptacles at all of the major road crossings along the CKC.  Mutt mitt dispensers will also be placed along the trail where there are volunteers to keep the dispensers filled with bags.  Contact us if you are interested in volunteering to adopt a mutt mitt dispenser.

You’re invited… Comprehensive Plan Open House Nov. 12

As part of its “Kirkland 2035” initiative, the City is hosting an Open House on Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014, 5 to 7 p.m., City Hall. Stop by the Open House and get the latest on the Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan and the Interim Trail Construction. The Kirkland community has been engaged with City leaders on planning for Kirkland’s future. A major conversation has been around the update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The Open House is an opportunity for the City to share how public feedback has played into updates to General Elements of the Plan including Neighborhood Plans.

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