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Monthly Update – March 2015


Thanks to all of our CKC Fans!

The recent warm weather has brought out many trail users and we’d like to thank you for making the CKC your place to connect, relax, explore and exercise.  Some great comments we’ve heard:

“(I) Experience it daily now! It's the fastest way to get to work by bike vs sitting on 405 in a car. Thank you for all your hard work on this project!”

“Out there every chance I get! Tons of people taking advantage of every time I'm out.”

“A big thanks goes to the City of Kirkland planners, the 520 highway planners, the voters, and of course me (since I voted for these projects and the funding). I recently had the most excellent commute. I live near 116th & 405 in Kirkland and I commute downtown Seattle most week days.”

Keep those cards and letters coming as they say!  Share your experiences (and photos) on the CKC Facebook.

A bit of Kalakala comes to Kirkland

It’s more like pieces of the Kalakala are coming to Kirkland.  We are excited to have purchased key historical pieces of the Kalakala, the world’s first streamlined passenger vessel that was built between 1933 and 1935 at the Lake Washington Ship Yard in Kirkland’s Carillon Point.   The Kalakala was dismantled in Tacoma, Washington and the City seized an opportunity to save some of its own history by purchasing the main wheelhouse located on top of the ship, the double car doors, sections of classic art deco ornamental hand railings, the iconic window section in the bow above the car entrance doors and other intriguing pieces. The City’s Cultural Arts Commission will coordinate art proposals to establish the Kalakala’s permanent Kirkland legacy most likely somewhere on the CKC.  

Schools on board for naming contest of Police UTVs

As a way to patrol the CKC, the Kirkland Police Department (KPD) has purchased two Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV’s).  The KPD is partnering with Lake Washington School District 5th grade classes in a “Name Those UTVs” contest.  Classes from Peter Kirk, Bell, Sandburg, Franklin and Thoreau Elementary Schools were the first to sign up.  If your student’s 5th Grade class (and combined 4th/5th) is interested, contact Patricia Ball, KPD, at 425-587-3408 or There will be an online community vote to select the winning names.

Trash/Recycling are here; Mutt Mitts dispensers soon to follow

We don’t want to keep the lid on this news because many have asked about trash cans. Eleven (11) trash and recycling containers are being installed on one side of every road crossing.  The installation should be complete by March 12, 2015.  Please use these containers; especially for pet waste.  Mutt mitt dispensers will be later attached to the trash cans so there’s no reason plastic bags of poop should be tossed along the Trail.  If you see a full trash can or empty mitt station, let us know by calling 425-587-3900 or emailing

Rail Removal on NE 124th Street and Totem Lake Boulevard

We too appreciate the recent paving by the WA State Department of Transportation at NE 124th Street over I405 and are currently preparing bid documents to hire a contractor to remove the remaining rails across NE 124th Street and Totem Lake Boulevard at the Cross Kirkland Corridor.  If all goes well, we anticipate construction to begin this May.  Stay tuned for more information on construction sequencing and possible lane closure information as this is a very busy intersection and the City is looking for ways to mitigate traffic impacts during construction.

City purchases property in Houghton Neighborhood adjacent to the CKC

In keeping with the vision of the adopted Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan, the City has purchased two parcels located on the west side of 106th Avenue NE south of NE 68th Street; adjacent to the Corridor. By owning the property, the City can preserve the potential direct “at grade” connection from the CKC to the Houghton Shopping Center.  The connection will also provide for a safe school walk route alternative for children walking to Lakeview Elementary School.  The City will allow the Houghton/Everest Shopping Center and Neighborhood Plan update process to determine the future of these properties.  Until then, the apartment buildings will remain as their current use.  For more information about the purchase, see the March 3, 2015 Council memo. (PDF) 

NE 64th Street trail connection – coming!

Volunteers, the Kirkland Rotary and City crews will be building steps (and hand railing) on the west side of the CKC at NE 64th Street in April. If you are interested in helping on a Saturday morning, contact Kari Page at This connection is an important link connecting the CKC with Lake Washington Boulevard and Kirkland’s waterfront.

Detour around Google expansion project is still in place

SRM Development continues its construction of the expansion of the Google Campus.  The construction of public improvements and a roadway and pedestrian crossing have prompted a detour on the Corridor (effective through May 31, 2015) (JPG).  As the pedestrian bridge between Google buildings is constructed, there may be temporary (daytime) closures of the fire lane detour at which time the public will be diverted to 6th Street South (around the existing Google campus) and back to the CKC.  SRM’s improvements to the CKC (PDF) are expected to be complete in July 2015.

March Brown Bag: Outside Q&A

What better way to ask your burning questions about the CKC (and get answers) than to be on the CKC.  We’re heading outdoors this time so meet city staff on Monday, March 30. 12 p.m., at Terrace Park, 10333 NE 67th Street.

Mother’s Day Half Marathon & 5K is coming to the CKC

And we couldn’t be more excited!  You don’t have to be a Mom to run/walk in the event to be held Sunday, May 10, 2015.  The Half Marathon/5K starts and end at Juanita Beach Park but the course includes the CKC Interim Trail.  For event information go to


See you on the CKC! Stay connected with us: