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Dust Prevention on the Corridor

You may have noticed the CKC is less dusty. City maintenance crews have been busy working to keep the dust level down on the CKC by using a calcium chloride product tested for low environmental impact. 

Integrating Art along the Corridor

The Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission invites you to review and comment on the draft Cross Kirkland Corridor Art Integration Plan. Please join us on August 30, 2016 from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall (123 5th Ave Kirkland, WA) to share what we learned from previous outreach sessions and how it has shaped the plan and vision for art on the Cross Kirkland Corridor.

The Kirkland City Council purchased a 5.75 mile section of the 42 mile Eastside Rail Corridor in 2012 and a Master Plan was completed in 2013. Building off of the Master Plan, the Cultural Arts Commission has led efforts to imagine how art, in a variety of forms, including performance, interactive, ephemeral and permanent, can be incorporated in the corridor experience.

Two public information sessions where the community provided input on shaping the evolving corridor for art and creative cultural placemaking took place in 2015-16. Following those sessions, the Draft Plan was presented to internal City committees and to the City Council on July 19, 2016. The Draft Plan and City Council presentation can be found at

We welcome your thoughts, comments, excitement and involvement in creating community art experiences on the Cross Kirkland Corridor. If you are unable to attend the public session please share your comments to

Please register for the event at

It’s All about Making Better Connections

We have just completed two years of the Neighborhood Safety Program which was created to reenergize Neighborhood Associations to work collaboratively in identifying, prioritizing and addressing pedestrian and bicycle safety issues in Kirkland neighborhoods. The Program is funded by the voter approved 2012 Streets Levy and City Council's Walkable Kirkland Initiative. Each year there is a total of $350,000 available for projects citywide under $50,000.

The 2016 funded projects were announced in June and three of those projects specifically address connections to the CKC. These projects are anticipated to be complete by June of 2017:

• Stair Connection to the Cross Kirkland Corridor in the Moss Bay Neighborhood at the Corner of 2nd Ave. and 10th Street ($12,600 – Project: 16NSP03).
• Walkway improvement to Cross Kirkland Corridor in the Everest Neighborhood at 8th Street S and Railroad Ave. ($36,307 – project 16NSP11).
• Trail Connection to Cross Kirkland Corridor in the Highlands Neighborhood at 111th Ave. NE to the Cross Kirkland Corridor ($1,320 – project 16NSP13)

Visit and search “neighborhood safety program” to learn how to suggest a project and work with your Neighborhood Association to submit an idea for a Neighborhood Safety Program Project for 2017 projects.

First Bench Donation – Walk Run Sit & Talk first ckc bench

The family of Edgar and Joanne Monroe donated the first bench on the Cross Kirkland Corridor! Edgar & Joanne walk the CKC most every day and now, because of their family's generosity, we all have a place to sit & talk after our walks. The bench is located just north of Northeast 87th Street right on the trail, and is decorated with a plaque saying “Walk Run Sit & Talk. Come by and relax.

If you are interested in donating a bench on the path, contact Kari Page at or 425-587-3011.

Have you Seen the Signs? ckc map

Earlier this month new signs were posted along the CKC that let you know where you are and how to connect with neighborhoods along the way. These signs were funded with savings from the construction of the Interim Trail.

Brown Bag Lunches Coming back in the Fall!
The brown bag lunch is a great way to get information about upcoming projects and plans on the CKC and to provide input on issues important to you. Brown Bag lunches are open to the public. For more information contact Kari Page at or 425-587-3011. Stay tuned to this newsletter or like us on FaceBook to get news when the date and agenda is set.
When you follow us on FaceBook, you will also get notification of activities along the CKC including work parties for clean-up, announcements about events and photos of people enjoying this great community asset.
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