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Monthly Update – August 2014

August 13, 2014

Interim Trail Construction: Phase I wrapping up; Phase II set to start

Phase I of the Interim Trail (108th Avenue NE to 6th Street) is closed while gravel is laid and compacted, fencing is installed at various points, and crossings are improved at streets. Once Phase I is complete, construction will move north to Phase II (6th Street to NE 87th Street).  As Phase II closes for construction, Phase I will reopen. The full length of the corridor (5.75 miles) is scheduled to be complete in December. 

If you want more immediate updates, please like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter  (#CKCInterimTrail). If Social Media is not your thing, we are available via phone and email.  Contact Kari Page, CKC Coordinator at or 425-587-3011.


Status of SRM’s Public Improvements on CKC

The City is reviewing SRM’s proposed plans for the public improvements on the CKC next to the Google campus. The plans include a 16 foot wide hard surface trail, a meandering secondary trail, a basketball court, resting and gathering spots, trees, beachy dunes with a volley ball court, and a children’s play structure. Construction is scheduled to begin this fall and be complete by June of 2015. Inspirational drawings are posted on the City’s web site [PDF]. Direct questions about the plans to Kari Page, Cross Kirkland Corridor Coordinator ( or 425-587-3011).


CKC User Survey: Our inquiring minds want to know….

In just a few weeks, over 250 online survey results were received.  Some highlights we are learning:

  • 25% surveyed say they use the CKC multiple times in a week
  • Majority surveyed say they use the CKC for exercise (80%) and to enjoy the nature and the outdoors (55%)
  • 80% walk to access the CKC; 25% access on a bicycle
  • The most popular place to enter the CKC is via Norkirk/Highlands near Crestwoods Park
  • Most use the CKC in the morning (44%); some in the afternoon (31%), others (25%) in the evening
  • Majority surveyed feel safe during the day on the CKC (90%); 65% don’t feel safe in the dark.

If you haven’t taken the CKC User survey, please do so by August 15, 2014.

Brown Bag Series: August cancelled; See you in September

We thought we’d take a break for August and meet once “life after summer” settles down.  Make lunchtime plans with us for September 22, 12-1 pm, to discuss grand opening celebration ideas and, if weather permits, walk the newly opened (completed) sections of the CKC Interim Trail.

Eastside Rail Corridor Regional Advisory Council Meeting, Aug. 27

The Eastside Rail Corridor (ERC) Regional Advisory Council (RAC) will hold its meeting on Wed., Aug. 27, 2-4 pm, King Street Center, 8th Floor Conference Ctr, 201 So. Jackson Street.  ERC/RAC meeting agenda is posted online.


As always….stay in touch!