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This page is not being updated anymore, please go to the Cross Kirkland Corridor Homepage to find out the latest updates on the Cross Kirkland Corridor. 

News and Events
There are exciting things happening with the Cross Kirkland Corridor!

To keep you better informed, we publish regular “All Things Cross Kirkland Corridor” updates. These are posted to the CKC webpage and emailed to CKC list serv subscribers. If you have a topic you’re interested in, please send it to

All Things Cross Kirkland Corridor:

The CKC is a popular place for fun runs and special events.  Safety always comes first and the City’s Interdepartmental Special Event Team reviews all event plans well in advance of the event. Sponsors are required to post a notice/sign on the impacted section of the corridor no less than one week prior to the event. Events are restricted to half of the corridor with the other half remaining open to the public at all times. All special events are listed well in advance on the Special Event Web Page. Feedback about a particular event can be sent to Special Projects Coordinator, Sudie Elkayssi, at or call 425-587-3347.

See you on the CKC!