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Cross Kirkland Corridor - Family Walking

Cross Kirkland Corridor - Water view

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Cross Kirkland Corridor - trail

Cross Kirkland Corridor - Familybiking

Cross Kirkland Corridor - trail

Cross Kirkland Corridor - Group biking
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Welcome to the Cross Kirkland Corridor
A 5.75-mile corridor through the heart of Kirkland and the first improved section of the Eastside Rail Corridor.

Visit the Interim Trail
The Cross Kirkland Corridor (CKC) interim trail is a ten-foot-wide, 5.75-mile crushed gravel trail that runs from the South Kirkland Park & Ride through the Totem Lake Business District. It’s “interim” because the CKC Master Plan calls for future improvements including transit. Learn about access points, amenities, trail rules, and more on the Interim Trail page.

Long-term vision: The CKC Master Plan
What will the corridor look like someday? Where will funding come from? What kinds of businesses and activities are encouraged along the corridor? How can businesses take advantage of current and future corridor opportunities and incentives? Get answers to these questions and more on the CKC Master Plan page.

Trail Projects
New trail connections, art installations, sustainability, and maintenance—there’s a lot happening on the CKC. Keep up to date on the Trail Projects page.

Regional Connections
The CKC is part of a regional network that includes trails, transit, and regional utilities. Learn about the Eastside Rail Corridor, other trails in the area, transit connections, and future transit plans on the Regional Connections page.

See you on the CKC!

Cross Kirkland Corridor Interim Traill Connections