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City Hall for All

City Hall for All logo

October 6, 2018

A free inclusive event to expand civic engagement and increase access to services.

10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Kirkland City Hall

All are invited. Food will be served.

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Welcome to City Hall for All

At City Hall for All, learn about services and opportunities in our safe, inclusive and welcoming City of Kirkland.

City Hall for All Schedule Preview
The event will include presentations and focus groups at specific times. There will also be community informational booths, as well as City service counters open for business. Click the schedule thumbnail at left for a PDF preview of the schedule of the event, or see below for the same information.

Anyone who requires an auxiliary aid or service for effective communication, or a modification of policies or procedures to participate in a program, service, or activity of the City of Kirkland should contact the ADA Coordinator, Chris Thomas (, Director of Human Resources (425-587-3210), as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours before the scheduled event.

Schedule of Events (subject to change)

10 to 11:30 am

Welcome to City Hall for All and Town Hall on Bike Share

Should Kirkland pilot a one year bike share program to see if bike share is beneficial for our community? Come learn learn about and discuss a possible bike share pilot program in Kirkland. This interactive town hall include information about how bike share has worked in other communities and will provide the opportunity to share initial feedback on the concept of allowing a bike share pilot in Kirkland. This meeting will be the first in a series of public engagement opportunities where community members will be able to provide input on the possible pilot program.

10 to 11:45 am

Supervised Children’s Activities

10am to 2pm

Doing City Business

City of Kirkland Counters Open for Business

Business Licensing, Pet Licensing, Parks and Community Services, Utility Billing, Passport Services

10am to 2pm

City and community partner informational booths and other activities

King County Elections - Voting is your voice, and King County Elections staff will be registering Washington voters during City Hall for All.

Eastside Refugee and Immigrant Coalition - "The Eastside Refugee and Immigrant Coalition (ERIC) was founded in 2002 and strives to “institutionalize welcoming” by (1) advocating for inclusive policies, practices, and programs and (2) by strengthening relationships between people of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Initiatives include: KirklandTalks Inclusive Dialogues; “America is Home” for increased naturalization support in East King County; Annual Welcoming Week Celebration; 2020 Census Preparation; Building an Inclusive Local Economy; Training Topics: Intercultural Competency, Community Engagement, Two-Way Immigrant Integration.

Lake Washington Institute of Technology - I-BEST (Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training) classes at Lake Washington Institute of Technology have at least two instructors in classes so students receive more attention and assistance in their classes. One instructor is Professional-Technical faculty and the other instructor is Adult Basic Education (ABE) or English as a Second Language (ESL) faculty. With more academic support, I-BEST classes increase ABE/ESL student success, so they can start certificates earlier, complete degrees faster, and gain the education they need to pursue their chosen careers.

BizDiversity - BizDiversity is a multicultural business community whose purpose is to support the expanded influence of diversity in the mainstream business culture. They do this by providing tools, diversity strategies, tactics and leveraging the principles of inclusion. This will allow multicultural businesses to participate and compete in the traditional business community. They also help all businesses benefit each other by influencing business investment and promotion across traditional cultural business boundaries.

Kirkland’s Neighborhood Associations – Kirkland is endowed with a beautiful physical setting, strong sense of community, and distinct neighborhoods each with its own unique character. The City Council and staff work closely with each neighborhood to ensure high-quality services are provided, neighborhood associations are supported, and issues are responsively addressed. This is at the heart of what gives Kirkland a sense of community. Meet some of your Neighborhood Leaders and find out ways to get involved.

City of Kirkland Human Services Commission – The Commission is directed by the City Council to advise the Parks and Community Services department, City Manager, and City Council in leading the City’s efforts to support a socially sustainable community through health and human services and programs that fulfill the basic needs of all people and enhance the quality of life in our city now and into the future.

Cultural Arts Commission “Art Cart” - Explore and create art with help from City art commissioners. All artistic levels welcome.

Indivisible Kirkland – Indivisible Kirkland values inclusion, equity and democracy. We strive to foster a community in which all voices are heard, where hate has no place, where the vulnerable are protected, where the planet is treated as precious and where democracy is vibrant. Indivisible Kirkland takes action and care to preserve, protect and promote these values within our community and beyond.

KirklandSafe – We are a group of Kirkland, Washington residents dedicated to ensuring that Kirkland remains a safe, inclusive and welcoming city for all people, as described in our City Council’s January 3rd, 2017 Proclamation. KirklandSafe is sponsoring the Kirkland Reads, Creating Conversations program happening this fall.

Kirkland Women’s Club – The Kirkland Women’s Club is a non-profit charitable organization bringing together women from Kirkland and surrounding areas to promote friendliness and welfare locally, regionally, and internationally, with monthly luncheon meetings, coffee socials, and charitable projects such as elder advocacy, Hopelink, cancer research, Operation Smile, and other local and international causes.

Alternative Transportation Options – The City of Kirkland is dedicated to building and sustaining a thriving community, and part of that effort focuses on tackling the impacts of traffic congestion. Join us to learn more about programs and resources that encourage and support the use of alternative transportations such as Community Van, Trip Pool, and School Pool. Become a Kirkland Green Trip member and earn travel rewards for all types of your commute or personal trips.

Touch a Truck (or Five!) – Climb in, on, and/or around a Kirkland Police Department patrol car, a Kirkland Fire Department fire engine, and three different Kirkland Public Works Department maintenance vehicles.

12 to 1pm

Community building

KirklandTalks: “American” Cultural Identity and Pluralism

KirklandTalks is a dialogue format that emphasizes listening to understand. Participants will be guided through a structured discussion format in a small group in which everyone will have an equal chance to share. The purpose is to hear different perspectives without the need to debate or defend.

At this KirklandTalks session you will reflect on, share, and listen to others about what it means to be “American”. Please plan on staying the whole time. Limited to twenty (20) participants. Register now to reserve your spot. 

12 to 1pm

Give feedback to the City of Kirkland

Focus Group: Americans with Disabilities Act Plan for Kirkland

What are the barriers to accessibility in the City of Kirkland? How should the City prioritize the correction of those barriers, based on the data provided in the City’s self-evaluation and transition plans?

Participate in a small group focus group and share your perspective on how the City can become more accessible. Please plan on staying the whole time. Limited to ten (10) participants. Register now to reserve your spot.

12 to 1pm

Focus Group: Dog Off Leash Areas in Kirkland

Does the City of Kirkland need more off leash dog areas in addition to Edith Moulton and Jasper’s Dog Parks? Participate in a small group focus group and share your perspective on whether the City should explore more off leash options for dogs. Please plan on staying the whole time. Limited to ten (10) participants. Register now to reserve your spot.

12 to 2pm

Coffee with a Kirkland Councilmember

Ever wanted to meet a member of Kirkland’s City Council? Here’s the perfect opportunity. You’ll have the opportunity to sign up for a 15 minute one-on-one meeting with one of Kirkland’s City Councilmembers. Ask questions and get to know your elected officials. Sign-up sheets available during the event.

12 to 12:30pm

What do you think of when you think public libraries?

Public libraries are constantly changing and adapting to meet your needs. This session will expand your awareness of new and innovative ways that the King County Library System is reaching and engaging diverse populations through ideas, interaction and information. Presented by King County Library System staff.

12 to 12:30pm

Eastside Legal Assistance Program

The Eastside Legal Assistance Program provides high-quality, no-cost civil legal aid to low-income residents of East King County, Washington. They also provide legal aid to survivors of domestic violence throughout all of King County. Come here about their programs and resources at this informational session.

12 to 12:30pm

Updates to City-wide Tree Regulations

The City is in the process of revising the tree code in support of the goals established in Kirkland’s Comprehensive Plan and the Urban Forestry Strategic Management Plan. Come learn about the status of the project and give your perspective on to address issues and challenges that have arisen since the last tree code revision (2010) and how the code could be updated so that it is effective and practical to use.

12:30 to 1pm

Kirkland Reads, Creating Conversations

Sponsored by KirklandSafe, this program helps you connect with other Kirklanders through inclusive and welcoming conversations about Spare Parts: Four Undocumented Teenagers, One Ugly Robot, and the Battle for the American Dream. Join the conversation this fall by participating in book group discussions, being inspired by celebrated teacher and speaker Fredi Lajvardi, and viewing and discussing the movie and documentary.

Come hear from the Kirkland Reads’ organizers about the unfolding community conversation and ways to get involved. The Kirkland Reads program is a recipient of a Kirkland Community Sparks grant.

12:30 to 1pm

Business Assistance

Start Your Business

Learn about Startup 425, a collaborative effort to expand entrepreneurship opportunities across Eastside communities by providing access to the tools that experienced workers, students, and entrepreneurs need to go from idea to working business in a successful, sustainable manner. Meet Kirkland’s business consultant Duncan Milloy who provides free business assistance to Kirkland businesses.

12:30 to 1pm

Meet Your Neighborhood Resource Officer

Community Policing brings police and community members together to prevent crime and solve neighborhood problems. The emphasis is on stopping crime before it happens, not responding to calls for service after the crime occurs. Community Policing gives community members more control over the quality of life in their community.

Come meet Kirkland’s Neighborhood Resource Officer, Deana Lansing, and hear about how Community Policing could look in your neighborhood.

1 to 2pm

Imaging and Creating a “Welcome Eastside Center”

There are increasingly more new immigrants in the area who want to connect and contribute their talents. A “Welcome Eastside Center” has a potential to fill the void in services as a single point of contact for information about available resources and as a common place to celebrate cultural heritage and recognize our shared humanity.

Come hear about this new community project, ask questions, and learn how you can get involved to make it a reality on the Eastside.

1 to 1:30pm

How to Volunteer with the City of Kirkland

Come learn more about local volunteer opportunities with the City of Kirkland and local non-profits. You can get involved in a variety of ways, including one-time, project-based, or on-going volunteering, as well as unpaid internships.

1 to 1:30pm

Waste Management

Ever wonder what happens to your recyclables after they leave the curb? Karissa Jones of Waste Management will explain the recycling process and what goes in the blue bin. Learn what determines recyclability of a material and which items (hint: plastic bags!) cause problems in the recycling process. Bring your toughest recycling questions!

1:30 to 2pm

Doing Business with the City of Kirkland

Interested in how the City procures goods and services and how you can add your business to the vendor roster? Come learn how the City of Kirkland does business and what licensing requirements would be necessary.

1:30 to 2pm

Guide to Everyday Biking

Biking around Kirkland and the region? Whether you are biking to get around, for health and happiness or to socialize, join our interactive workshop to learn more about biking tips and tricks. Explore how to ride safely and share the joy of bicycling. Find out the right size helmet for you and your kids and how to fit it properly. You will also have a chance to win a free helmet.

Parking options for City Hall for All


Parking options for the event include:

  • The Wester Parking Lot, located directly south of City Hall along 3rd Ave between 1st St and 2nd St. The entrance to the Wester Lot is on 3rd Ave.
  • City Hall Parking Lot, located at 123 5th Ave, with entrances on 1st St, 5th Ave, and 2nd St. The City Hall parking lot has spaces designated for persons with disabilities.
  • Street parking on adjacent streets.
Fun at City Hall for All

City Hall for All is free, family-friendly and open to all. Food will be served.

For questions or more information, contact David Wolbrecht at (425) 587-3011 or