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2012 Parks Levy

2012 Parks Levy Banner

Kirkland was challenged by maintaining and improving parks that meet the community’s expectations. The challenge began with the economic downturn that significantly impacted city revenue starting in 2008. With less revenue, it was necessary for the City to implement service level reductions in parks and community services to preserve citizen public safety priorities. Reductions included lower levels of field maintenance, trash collection in parks, park restroom cleaning, and reductions in lifeguard services. In September 2011, a group of citizens came forward to ask the City Council to consider a tax measure to restore parks maintenance services and to invest in the City’s park system.  The Park Funding Exploratory Committee (PFEC) was created which resulted in the Park Levy.  The Parks Levy will raise $2.35 million annually to fund preservation, maintenance, and enhancement of Kirkland’s parks and natural areas.

The Parks Levy will raise $2.35 million annually (beginning 2013) to fund:

  • Restoration of park maintenance and operations service levels ($1.095 million/year)
  • Dock and shoreline renovations ($800,000)
  • City of Kirkland-Lake Washington School Districtlinks to external site Playfield Partnership to upgrade school playfields for neighborhood and community use ($1 million)
  • Replace Juanita Beach bathhouse ($1.2 million)
  • Renovate Edith Moulton Park ($1 million)
  • Renovate Waverly Beach Park ($500,000)
  • Create interim bicycle and pedestrian trail along the Cross Kirkland Corridor ($500,000)
  • Acquire open space and park land ($2.5 million)