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2012 Streets Levy and Parks Levy

Streets Levy (Proposition 1) and Parks Levy (Proposition 2)

2019 Streets Levy Accountability Report

In 2012, Kirkland voters passed two important levies to raise money to better protect their street network, improve pedestrian safety, and support maintenance and enhancements for their park system.

Proposition 1: City Street Maintenance and Pedestrian Safety raises approximately $2.9 million annually to fund street maintenance and safety improvements for neighborhood streets and arterials, including resurfacing, pothole repair, pedestrian safety improvements, traffic calming projects, school walk routes, sidewalks and crosswalk improvements.

Proposition 2: City Parks Maintenance, Restoration, and Enhancement Levy is a permanent property tax levy that raises approximately $2.35 million annually to fund preservation, maintenance, and enhancement of Kirkland's parks and natural areas through major renovations, park acquisitions, and enhancements.

The City is committed to efficiently implementing levy funding with transparency and accountability. On this page you can find links to the City’s yearly reports on both these levies, which outline exactly how the money was spent. Each report is approved by the City Council.