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  • City Hall for All
    A free inclusive event to expand civic engagement and increase access to services at Kirkland City Hall on Saturday, October 6 from 10 am to 2 pm.
  • 2012 Streets Levy and Parks Levy
    See how voter-approved levy money is enhancing Kirkland's quality of life with street and parks maintenance and more.
  • About Kirkland
    History, city profile, address, departments, etc. of Kirkland
  • Cross Kirkland Corridor
    The Cross Kirkland Corridor is a 5.75 mile multi-modal transportation corridor traverses through the center of the City.
  • Kirkland 2035
    Kirkland leaders are engaging the community in planning for the City's future. Join the conversation! Kirkland 2035: Your Voice. Your Vision. Your Future.
  • Kirkland Green
    Kirkland is known for its green spaces, parks and waterfront. Learn how the City is keeping green and how you can help.
  • Summer Sundays
    Summer Sundays is a pilot project between the City of Kirkland, community members, and neighborhood associations. The pilot will run from June 2 to September 22.
  • Marijuana License Information
    Information on marijuana recreation use in Kirkland as it relates to Initiative 502.
  • Keeping Kirkland Moving with High Capacity Transit - ST3
    Mobility options for the City and region must be considered which is why Kirkland officials are actively engaged in Sound Transit’s process to develop a ballot measure for Sound Transit 3 (ST3).
  • Neighborhood Information
    Kirkland is endowed with a beautiful physical setting, strong sense of community, and distinct neighborhoods each with its own unique character.
  • Recreation Classes
    You can use the Kirkland Parks Online system to register for activities as well as to get information about city facilities.
  • Volunteering
    Join the City of Kirkland team by volunteering your talent and time to support City programs, projects and events