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Economic Development

  • Economic Development in Kirkland
    Kirkland City government supports a strong, diverse economy with quality services and infrastructure.
  • Kirkland Business Roundtable
    City of Kirkland has created a CEO-level Business Roundtable representing major Kirkland business clusters and the institutions that support them.
  • Totem Lake Business District
    Kirkland leaders continue to implement the Totem Lake Action Plan to help revitalize this important urban center.
  • Tourism Program
    The City Manager’s Office oversees the Tourism Program (in conjunction with the Economic Development Program) with the primary goal of attracting visitors to Kirkland in order to sustain a vibrant and healthy economy.
  • Explore Kirkland
    Explore Kirkland's unparalleled blend of outdoor recreation, art, dining and shopping by visiting our tourism website.
  • Parkplace Mixed Use Development
    A new plan for a mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development at Parkplace.
  • Innovation Triangle
    Kirkland is a partner of the Innovation Triangle dedicated to building and maintaining the world’s foremost innovation and technology center.