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2016 Transportation Commission - Meeting Agendas, Materials, and Minutes

December 6, 2016 Meeting
December 6, 2016 Agenda
October 26, 2016 Meeting Notes
100th Ave NE Alternative Analysis Draft Report
King County Metro HOV Parking Pilot
First-Last Mile Partnerships
6th Street Corridor Study Presentation

October 26, 2016 Meeting
October 26, 2016 Agenda
September 28, 2016 Minutes 
Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines
Metro Connect Plan Presentation

September 28, 2016 Meeting
September 28, 2016 Agenda
July 27, 2106 Meeting Notes
Additional Materials not available prior to meeting.

July 27, 2016 Meeting
July 27, 2016 Agenda
June 22, 2016 Meeting Minutes
Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan
Staff Memo
Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3
Attachment 4 (presentation)           

100th Ave NE Corridor Improvements July 28, 2016 Open House Poster
Lakefront Ped-Bike Safety Project Funding Letter and Project Summary
Lakefront Ped-Bike Safety Project Improvements Map
Transportation Commission 2016-2017 Work Plan – Final Draft
Transportation Commission Mission Statement – Final Draft

Additional materials not available prior to the July 27, 2016 meeting:
2017-2020 CIP Summary
July 2016 Kirkland Growth in Housing and Traffic
July 15, 2016 Eastside Rail Corridor Activity Summary

June 22, 2016 Meeting
June 22, 2016 Agenda
May 25, 2016 Meeting Minutes
6th Street Corridor and Houghton/Everest Neighborhood Center Study
6th Street Corridor and Houghton/Everest Neighborhood Center Study Project Schedule
6th Street Corridor and Houghton/Everest Neighborhood Center Study Area Map
Juanita Quick Wins Project Update
Draft 2016-2017 Transportation Commission Work Plan

May 25, 2016 Meeting
May 25, 2016 Meeting Agenda
April 27, 2016 Meeting Minutes         
2017-22 CIP Workbook - Funded
2017-22 CIP Workbook Summary - Unfunded
CIP Process Overview
CIP Project Sheet 1
CIP Project Sheet 2
TMP Mode Category
ITS Phase II Dashboard

April 27, 2016 Meeting

April 27, 2016 Meeting Agenda 
March 23, 2015 Meeting Minutes
Transportation CIP Update Notes
Metro Long Range Plan (LRP) Memo
Metro LRP Executive Summary
Improvements by Private Developers

March 23, 2016 Meeting
March 23, 2016 Meeting Agenda
February 24, 2016 Meeting Notes

February 24, 2016 Meeting
2/24/16 Agenda
1/27/16 Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2016 Meeting
Meeting Agenda 1/27/2016 (111K pdf)
Meeting Minutes 12/9/2015 (111K pdf)
Special Meeting Notes 1/14/2016 (107K pdf)
TAIG Development Review Guidelines (365K pdf)
TAIG Development Review Process (228K pdf)
Bike Lane Width Chart for Resurfacing (253K pdf)

January 14, 2016 Meeting

Joint Meeting with Planning Commission and Parks Board
Joint Meeting Agenda (229K pdf)
Joint Meeting Materials (2.1M pdf)
Special Transportation Commission Meeting
Transportation Commission Special Meeting Agenda (107k pdf)