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Kirkland News Room

Pet license canvassing happening in Finn Hill and Juanita neighborhoods

Contact: Lt. Nick Siebert
Kirkland Police Department

County employees conduct door-to-door outreach starting early April

KIRKLAND, Wash. – Pet licensing canvassing will begin in Kirkland neighborhoods at the beginning of April.  Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) has hired staff to conduct door-to-door canvassing to educate Kirkland residents about licensing requirements and ensure all cats and dogs are properly licensed.  Canvassing staff will visit the Juanita and Finn Hill neighborhoods.  Canvassing will be held only on weekends from April through September.  Canvassers in Kirkland will be easily recognized by a County I.D. badge, business cards and logo shirt and jacket.

Licensing benefits include reuniting lost pets with their owners, a free ride home the first time a licensed pet gets lost, and 24/7 lost pet license identification.  Owners of licensed pets can participate in the Vacation Pet Alert program.  License fees support shelter and care and enforcement services for responding to strays, bite investigations, and nuisance and dangerous animals.  Animal cruelty and neglect investigations are also supported by pet license fees.

Kirkland residents can purchase new or renew existing pet licenses online at, or at Kirkland City Hall, QFC stores and vehicle licensing agencies.  License applications can be found at city community centers, pet stores, local veterinarian offices and libraries.

King County code as adopted by reference in the Kirkland Municipal Code, requires all cats and dogs eight weeks and older are to be licensed, whether they are indoor or outdoor pets.  Animal services in Kirkland are provided by RASKC through an Interlocal Agreement between the City of Kirkland and King County.  The Kirkland Police Department oversees the contract.  As part of the pet license program, the Police Department conducts a monthly renewal reminder to licensed pet owners using an automated calling system.

For specific questions about the canvassing program, contact Sandy Jones, Canvassing Coordinator, RASKC, at 206-263-1988.[04.01.15]