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Kirkland News Room

Kirkland City Council adopts Comprehensive Plan Update

Contact: Paul Stewart, Deputy Director
Planning & Building Department

KIRKLAND, Wash. –  In February 2013, the City launched an extensive public involvement campaign called “Kirkland 2035: Your Voice. Your Vision. Your Future.” that engaged the Kirkland community in a major update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and in the development of new and  revised city-wide long-range strategic plans. At its December 8, 2015 meeting, the Kirkland City Council approved several ordinances that ultimately adopted the proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, Neighborhood Plans, Citizen Amendment Requests (CARs), the Totem Lake Business District Plan, the official Land Use and Zoning maps, and changes to the Kirkland Zoning Code and Kirkland Municipal Code.

“The Comprehensive Plan is vital to how Kirkland will accommodate the housing and job growth expected in the next 20 years and ensures services and infrastructure to meet those demands,” notes Mayor Amy Walen. “The City Council is extremely thankful to neighbors and businesses who participated in not only the Comprehensive Plan update process but to those who engaged with all of the other plans.”

Following the adoption, a Kirkland 2035 wrap up video was shown featuring a recap of the public involvement process. To view the video, go to or to Kirkland Television on YouTube.

“This initiative was an enormous body of work and I’m proud of the level of involvement of the community and the products that have resulted from it,” notes Deputy Mayor Penny Sweet. “The community’s vision for their city to be walkable, livable, vibrant and green is present in the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan and all of the Kirkland 2035 plans.”

The City Council deliberated on nine separate ordinances and unanimously adopted six. To view the staff memo and ordinances and to watch the Council deliberation, go to, search “Watch Council Meetings,” and select the December 8, 2015 meeting.

Unanimously approved ordinances include:

  • Ordinance O-4494: Neighborhood Plans including Lakeview; Central Houghton; Bridle Trails; Moss Bay; Everest; North Rose Hill; NE 85th Street; South Rose Hill; Juanita; Market; Market Street Corridor; Norkirk; Highlands; Kingsgate and related Kirkland Zoning Code Chapter 40 Industrial Zones amendments
  • Ordinance O-4498: Citizen Amendment Requests for
    • Basra (North Rose Hill) Comp Plan text and map, Zoning Code text and map
    • Griffis (North Rose Hill) Comp Plan text and map, Zoning Code text and map
    • Newland (Juanita) Comp Plan and Zoning map
    • Waddell (Moss Bay) Zoning Code text
    • Evergreen Healthcare(Totem Lake) Comp Plan and Zoning map
    • Totem Commercial Center (Totem Lake) Comp Plan map, Zoning Code text and map
    • Rairdon (Totem Lake) Comp Plan text and map, Zoning Code text and map
    • Morris (Totem Lake) Comp Plan text and map, Zoning Code text and map
    • Astronics (Totem Lake) Comp Plan text and Zoning Code text
  • Ordinance O-4495: Totem Lake Business District Plan
  • Ordinance O-4496: General minor Zoning Code and Municipal Code amendments
  • Ordinance O-4497: General Zoning Map and Land Use Map amendments
  • Ordinance O-4505: Walen Citizen Amendment Request (NOTE: Mayor Walen recused herself from the vote)

The following ordinances passed by majority vote:

  • Ordinance O-4506: Nelson/Cruikshank Citizen Amendment Request
  • Ordinance O-4493: General Element Chapters including the Vision Statement and Guiding Principles and the 12 supporting elements
  • Ordinance O-4499: MRM Amendment Request

The Kirkland 2035 initiative involved the community in the development of the City’s first Transportation Master Plan, adopted in November 2015, and a charter Master Plan for the future development of the Cross Kirkland Corridor adopted in June 2014. The adoption of updates to the Surface Water Master Plan (November 2014) and the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces (PROS) Plan (November 2015) were also part of Kirkland 2035 as were master and renovation plans for several city parks.

“In the short term and long term, implementation of the goals and projects in these plans is what comes next,” notes Eric Shields, Director, Planning & Building Department. “Kirkland residents are encouraged to stay informed and get involved in the issues that matter most to them.”

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