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Kirkland News Room

City Council approves neighborhood safety projects recommended by citizen, staff panel

Walkable Kirkland Initiative, Levy fund projects


Contact: Kari Page, Neighborhood Services Coordinator
City Manager’s Office 425-587-3011

Neighorhood Safety Program Project Map 2015KIRKLAND, Wash. –  Through the collaboration between Kirkland residents and city staff, 17 city-wide neighborhood safety projects were identified by a panel and presented to the City Council at its meeting on April 21, 2015 (PDF).  The City’s Neighborhood Safety Program brings citizens, businesses and city staff together in identifying, evaluating and prioritizing proposed projects that address pedestrian and bicycle safety issues in Kirkland’s neighborhoods.  The City Council unanimously approved 14 of the proposed projects and accepted the panel’s recommendation to further study two projects and to have one crosswalk project be funded by the Capital Improvement Program. Four projects, including the highest ranked project, will improve connections to the Cross Kirkland Corridor.  Other projects install sidewalks, add or improve crosswalks, and slow traffic. The approved projects total over $350,000 in funding which is supported by the voter-approved street levy ($150,000 per year) and $200,000 from the Walkable Kirkland Initiative approved in the 2015-2016 Biennial Budget.

As part of the presentation to the City Council, NSP citizen panelists shared their experience with the program.  Lisa McConnell, Central Houghton resident, said “The process was nothing but positive.  It is how you want community involvement done.”

Mayor Amy Walen expressed her appreciation by saying “This is responsive government solving problems.”

The panel recommended the following projects (View map):

Central Houghton Projects

  • Stairs from NE 68th Street to the Cross Kirkland Corridor (Project benefits Lakeview, Everest, Moss Bay and Central Houghton neighborhoods)
  • Improved connection to the Cross Kirkland Corridor at NE 60th Street
  • Crosswalk on 112th Avenue at NE 68th Street

Juanita Neighborhood Projects

  • Gravel walkway on 110th Street from NE 112th Street and around the sharp corner to NE 110th Street
  • Gravel walkway on 98th Avenue NE from NE 110th Street to where the sidewalk ends north of Forbes Creek Fire Station

Norkirk Neighborhood Projects

  • Crosswalk improvements on 7th Avenue at 1st Street and 5th Street
  • Traffic circle on 13th Avenue at 4th Street

Finn Hill Neighborhood Projects

  • Rapid Flashing Beacon at 84th Avenue NE and NE 138th Street
  • Radar speed sign on Juanita Drive (in the vicinity of Woodlands Park)

North Rose Hill Neighborhood Projects

  • New flagged crosswalk at 132nd Avenue NE at NE 97th Street
  • New flagged crosswalk at 132nd Avenue NE at NE 93rd Street

South Rose Hill/Bridle Trails Neighborhood Projects

  • Rapid Flashing Beacon on NE 70th Place at 130th Avenue NE

    Highlands Neighborhood Projects

  • Stairs and bridge connection from 116th Avenue NE to the Cross Kirkland Corridor

    Moss Bay Neighborhood Projects

  • Sidewalk on north side of Kirkland Avenue at 6th Street South

    Everest Neighborhood Projects

  • Crosswalk on 6th Street at 5th Avenue South (to be funded by the 6th Street Sidewalk Capital Improvement Program project)

Further study will be conducted on the proposal for   pedestrian crossing improvements at NE 80th Street at 124th Avenue NE (South Rose Hill/Bridle Trails Neighborhood) and  improving traffic safety at Kirkland Way and Railroad Avenue (Everest Neighborhood).

To learn more about the approved projects for 2015 and completed projects from the 2014 program, go to