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Kirkland News Room

Kirkland City Council Passes Resolution in Support of Initiative 1631

Media Contact:
Kellie Stickney
Communications Manager
(425) 979-6562

 KIRKLAND, Wash. (October) –On Tuesday, October 2, the Kirkland City Council approved Resolution R-5338, a Resolution Supporting Initiative Measure No. 1631, Concerning Pollution.  

The Resolution in support of Initiative Measure No. 1631 was approved after a Public Hearing where community members had the opportunity to share their input on the ballot initiative. Initiative Measure No. 1631 aims to, “reduce pollution by investing in clean air, clean energy, clean water, healthy forests, and healthy communities by imposing a fee on large emitters based on their pollution...” Cities, public utility districts, port districts and other local governments that provide electricity and natural gas services would potentially be required to pay the fee.  

“Kirkland has a proud history of being a leader on greenhouse gas emissions reduction,” said Mayor of Kirkland Amy Walen. “As cities, states, and as a nation, we must take comprehensive steps to reduce the impacts of climate change. Initiative Measure No. 1631 is a step in a positive direction.”  

Support of Initiative 1631, is a small part of larger efforts by the City of Kirkland to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and find innovative solutions to climate challenges in our region. In 2007, the City Council adopted strong greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for the City of Kirkland and community to help bring total CO2 emissions in Kirkland to 80 percent below 2005 levels by 2050. In 2009, the City Council adopted the Climate Protection Action Plan through Resolution R-4760 to help achieve greenhouse gas reduction targets by reporting annual greenhouse gas inventories to the City to allow quicker revisions and corrections to better help meet targets. In 2014, the City joined the King County-Cities Climate Collaboration (“K4C”) to work alongside other cities through joint funding, outreach and coordination to find innovative solutions to climate challenges in our region. In 2015, the City Council adopted amendments to its Comprehensive Plan which included elements of target carbon neutrality by 2050 to greatly reduce the impacts of climate change.  

Additionally, the City and Puget Sound Energy have worked jointly to encourage the development of renewable energy projects that provide clean energy to utility customers at stable long-term contracted rates, and that also support the local economy and regional and national energy independence. In 2017, the City Council entered into a voluntary, long-term agreement with PSE through Resolution R-5256 to provide nearly all of the City’s electricity use through PSE’s Green Direct program, which allows participants to directly invest in a specific renewable energy project while also locking into a stable and predictable price for electricity for ten years, thereby helping remove City electricity costs from a sometimes volatile and unpredictable energy market. PSE estimates that the City’s use of Green Direct power will provide a reduction of 3,250,000 pounds of CO2.  

To view the full-text of the Resolution in Support of Initiative Measure No. 1631 visit the City website.