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Kirkland News Room

Community Invited to Participate in the Inaugural Cross Kirkland Corridor Art Project

KIRKLAND, Wash. – The Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission has selected local environmental artist, Terra Holcomb, as the inaugural Cross Kirkland Corridor (CKC) artist in residence. The final project will include a 10-foot tree hollow constructed from fallen black cottonwood leaves. Holcomb’s ephemeral art piece, which will be made in collaboration with community volunteers, will be displayed along the CKC at 110th Avenue Northeast from October 8 through Mid-November. Terra Holcomb Artist in Residence Tree Concept-Smaller

The community is invited to participate in the creation of the piece by attending community workshops on September 10 and September 24 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the City of Kirkland Maintenance Center, 1129 8th St, Kirkland, WA. Participants will work with the artist to help to clean, sort and assemble the leaves. Register for the workshops at:

September 10
September 24:

Additionally, CKC users will notice leaf collection bins along the Corridor and are invited to help gather fallen cottonwood leaves as they stroll along the trail. 

The final art piece will include a 10-foot tall tree hollow made from thousands of yellowing, heart-shaped cottonwood leaves layered together to create a mosaic. The interior of the tree will be visible through the hollows, where visitors will be able to look inside to read poetry embroidered onto maple leaves about nature, paths, and the restorative qualities of walking, all themes common with the Corridor. Submit a favorite quoted or original poem to

The top of the tree will be seeded regularly with bird seed to encourage wildlife visitors. At night, the interior will glow from solar lights.

The project is a result of the Cultural Arts Commission’s effort to incorporate art into the Corridor experience using a variety of forms, including performance, interactive, ephemeral and permanent. 

For more information and for updates, visit the and follow the CKC Facebook page.