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Kirkland Calendar

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CANCELLED: Safer StyroFest
Date: December 5, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: North Kirkland Community Center Map it
12421 103rd Avenue NE
Kirkland, WA

Out of an abundance of caution, the December 5th StyroFest recycling event is cancelled to protect staff and community health and safety. Our team is currently planning recycling events for 2021 and will share more information soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • Plastic film can be dropped off for recycling at participating grocery stores. You can bring all the plastic film we accept at StyroFest - plastic bags as well as overwrap and bubble wrap / packing bubbles. You can see an official list of participating locations at plasticfilmrecycling.orglinks to external site (some grocers have a collection station but are not listed - your local grocer is likely to have one).
  • StyrofoamTM is not accepted in your home recycling cart. We recommend throwing away smaller pieces of StyrofoamTM that are able to fit in your trash container and saving only the largest pieces for future events.
  • Public drop-off locations for StyrofoamTM recycling are available in Shorelinelinks to external site and Kentlinks to external site. We recommend calling in advance to confirm they are accepting material during the governor's order. Moderate amounts of extra StyrofoamTM that cannot fit in your cart could be placed out as extra garbage for $6.71 plus tax per 32 gallons of material. Large quantities can be disposed as trash for a fee at the Houghton Transfer Station.links to external site

Why We Can't Just Add Curbside StyrofoamTM Recycling
StyrofoamTM is an extremely challenging material to recycle, both from an economic and practical standpoint, which is why there are so few recycling options available. While we are pleased to be able to offer recycling events when feasible and safe, other options for recycling it are limited.

StyrofoamTM is very bulky in relation to the amount of plastic material that it contains for use in other products. That means that a very large quantity needs to be collected, stored, and processed to produce a reasonable amount of material that can be sold to manufacturers. As a plastic, its value suffers when oil prices are low because that makes it cheaper to produce virgin plastic rather than using recycled plastic. Only one company in the Seattle area processes recycled StyrofoamTM.

StyrofoamTM cannot be accepted in curbside recycling carts because it easily breaks into tiny pieces at the Recycling Center, which are unable to be sorted and which contaminate other materials, making them harder to recycle. Other cities have experimented with curbside StyrofoamTM recycling but experienced significant problems that made it unfeasible.

Free curbside collection next to your cart for recycling is also not feasible under our current contract with our hauler Waste Management. Because the material is so bulky, it would require an additional truck and driver (or possibly multiple) to collect the material and transport it to the processor in Kent. That could be relatively expensive. We also know, from our StyroFest volumes, that there is a very large quantity of StyrofoamTM out in the community.

Paid doorstep collection of StyrofoamTM for recycling is currently available in the Kirkland area through a private service (with a limit on quantity accepted).

What You Can Do to Help the StyrofoamTM (and Plastic) Challenge

  • When you receive a package or purchase an item packed in StyrofoamTM, you can reach out to the company to let them know you want them to use another packing material, or provide a convenient means of recycling it
  • Support state-level bills to restrict uses of StyrofoamTM  
  • Support state-level bills to require minimum recycled content in products
  • Support Extended Producer Responsibility bills that would make manufacturers responsible for the waste that they make, and encourage them to create products that are more recyclable - read more about Extended Producer Responsibility in this report (pdf, 1.5mb)links to external site
  • Purchase products that contain post-consumer recycled plastic 
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