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StyroFest: Plastic Foam Recycling Event
Date: August 3, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM - 2:59 PM
Location: Kirkland Maintenance Center Map it
915 8th Street
Kirkland, WA


StyrofoamTM and Plastic Film Recycling
Kirkland residents can recycle styrofoam and plastic bags at this monthly staffed event. Drop-off is Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Please do not leave material after the event is over. Items brought for recycling must be clean and dry. Located at the Kirkland Public Works Maintenance Center, 915 8th Street.

Kirkland residents only please. Limit one carload per household – no trailers or box/moving trucks. If you have more than one carload worth of Styrofoam, please use an alternative recycling option, listed at bottom.

Download a flyer with all StyroFest information (pdf, 276kb).

Accepted Materials (all clean and dry - please separate)

  • StyrofoamTM / Expanded Polystyrene
    • Look for the #6 or "EPS" inside the recycling symbol
    • Sheets, blocks, cups, CLEAN (no food, no stains, rinsed) takeout food containers and trays
    • Please keep colors separate from white styrofoam.
    • Packing peanuts are NOT accepted. Hot tub covers are NOT accepted.
    • Please remove packing tape and labels.
  • Expanded Polyethylene Foam (EPE)
    • Flexible material, such as used to pack electronics or to make 'pool noodles'
    • Foam such as used to make camping pads is NOT accepted.
  • Plastic bags
    • Grocery, garbage, and produce bags
    • See bagyourbags.comlinks to external site for the full list of accepted bags
    • An easy test is whether you can stretch the plastic with your finger - hard, crinkly plastic bags (such as spaghetti wrappers, cereal bags, and grape bags) are NOT accepted. Freezer bags are also not accepted.
    • Must be clean and empty.
    • If you only have plastic bags, please consider bringing them to a year-round recycling location instead (ask at your local grocery store) to help us with event capacity.
  • Bubble wrap, plastic film stretch wrap, air pillows
    • can be combined with plastic bags, all colors OK.

Not Accepted Materials

  • Plastic strapping is not accepted as we no longer have a venue for recycling it.
  • Packing peanuts are not accepted - they should be thrown away in the trash if you can't reuse them.
  • Brown/tan meat trays are not accepted - they can be composted at home in your yard waste bin.
  • Lined or coated styrofoam is not accepted, and should be thrown away at home.
  • Dirty styrofoam is not accepted, and should be thrown away at home if it is not able to be cleaned.
  • Foam is not accepted, and should be thrown away at home.
  • Trash is not available at this event - you can take oversize trash to the Houghton Transfer Station for a fee.
  • Cardboard recycling is not available at this event - please take cardboard boxes home for recycling. Large quantities of cardboard can be recycled for free at Houghton Transfer Station.
  • Electronics, CFL light bulbs, batteries, etc, are not accepted at this event.

All 2019 StyroFest Dates

  • Jan. 5
  • Feb. 2
  • Mar. 2 – shredding available
  • Apr. 6
  • Jun. 1
  • Jul. 13 – shredding available
  • Aug. 3
  • Sept. 14
  • Nov. 2
  • Dec. 7
No StyroFest events in May and October - attend our Recycling Collection Events instead.

StyroFest Alternatives

If you can't make it to StyroFest, there are options for StyrofoamTM recycling in Shoreline and around the Seattle area. See the full list (pdf).

You can also throw away StyrofoamTM in your garbage at home. It is not accepted in your recycling at home.


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