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The new City of Kirkland web was designed to be more easily accessible for the common visitor. In the navigation bar, things are broken down by what the visitor is looking for. Community, Business, Visitors and Government have been made for easy access points for common pages the user will look for. Next to that is the department section that breaks down every department and all their sub-categories.

There are many common elements that you will find throughout the site.
The navigation bar will also remain the same, but when getting into department pages, the sub-pages are easily accessed on the left side.

Click on the help icon to find out more

City of Kirkland Homepage  |  City of Kirkland Subpage

City of Kirkland Homepage

Help Home page 

Kirkland Logo

Kirkland LogoWherever you are in the Kirkland website, to go back to the Kirkland main page, simply click on the City of Kirkland Logo!

Quick Links

quick links In the top right corner is a quick resource section for when you might be lost. "Home" will take you back to the front page, "News Room" will take you to the latest News Releases coming from the City of Kirkland, "SiteMap" will bring a list of every directory and web page of the entire site and "Help" will show you how the City of Kirkland site is to be used.

Navigation Bar

navigation bar image
Whether you're looking for a specific page or just want to visit a general location, they will be listed in the top navigation buttons. Simply place your mouse over the buttons and you can either navigate further in the drop down or click and go to the page your mouse was over. Some sections will contain sub categories, generally on left side. They're also links that are related to the topic you selected.

Search Engine

Search Engine imageWith the Google powered Search Engine, all webpages and PDF's are much more easily accessible via searching.

Drop Down Menu

Drop Down Menu imageThe drop down menu helps you get to the page you want faster! By rolling over categories, you can dig down into the page that you want easier with less time. This also allows you to search through our departments quicker to find the information you need.

Footer Navigation

Footer Nav image 
At the bottom of every page, there is navigation to all the essential pages on the Kirkland website. Whichever page you are at will usually trace back to one of these departments.

Footer Information

Footer Information 
Also at the bottom of every page is the basic contact information for the City of Kirkland. Here you can easily find a telephone number, fax number, address and email address. There is also a disclaimer link to read about our rules.

City of Kirkland Subpage

Help Sub page image 

Side Navigation

Side navigationIf you're looking for a specific page in a section they will be listed in the side navigation buttons. Click on the button and you will be taken to the page you just selected. Some sections will contain some sub categories, they're also links and will take you to pages. this was done to get you the information you need in fewer clicks.

Page Title

Page Title imageThe Page Title is a resource guide to let you know what that specific page is going to be about. With a template designed for every page, the user should be able to quickly determine if they are at the correct page.

Bread Crumbs

Bread crumbs imageBreadcrumbs act like a navigation system. They are used to show the user where they have come from. This allows the user to quickly go back to the department they are in.

Print the Page

Print Page imageIn the top right corner of every subpage there is a Print link for when the user is looking to print out a page for a hard copy. This will create a page without background colors or other sections that cause a poorly printed document.