City Work Program

The 2019–2020 City Work Program was adopted February 19, 2019, by Resolution R-5356(PDF, 117KB) . Below is a summary of the work program.  See document for full details. 

Improve Fire and Emergency Medical Services:

  • Construct a new Station 24
  • Secure location of new Station 27
  • Explore a potential ballot measure in 2020 to fund fire station improvements

Implement “Enhanced Police Services and Community Safety” ballot measure funding:

  • Facilitate Community Policing
  • Improve school safety
  • Reduce gun violence
  • Foster a safe, inclusive and welcoming city

Continue capital investments to support growth throughout the City:

  • Totem Lake Connector
  • Totem Lake Urban Center
  • 85th Street/I-405 Corridor

Continue to partner with Sound Transit, the State Department of Transportation, and King County Metro Transit:

  • Ensure investments along I-405 serve Kirkland’s mobility needs
  • Maximize benefits of Sound Transit’s 'NE 85th Street / I-405 Bus Rapid Transit' project

Support the construction and operation of a permanent shelter in Kirkland.

Make affordable housing and “missing middle” housing a priority.

Renovate the new Parks Maintenance Center building to meet the service needs of the city.

Complete major park improvement projects:

  • Juanita Beach Park
  • Totem Lake Park
  • 132nd Square Park

Develop and adopt a Sustainability Master Plan.

Develop a 'Safer Routes to School Action Plan' for each school in Kirkland.

Improve Information Technology stabilization by migrating applications and information to the Cloud.

Prepare for the end of 2021 Annexation Sales Tax Credit during development of the budget.