Trash, Recycling + Compost Service

Note: our Christmas tree collection program has been pushed back a week due to the snow, and will start January 10th instead of January 3rd! The program will run from January 10 through the end of the month. You'll be able to put out your whole (under 6' tall), unflocked, undecorated Christmas tree for free collection on your usual service day. Apartment or condos, see a map of your pickup days(PDF, 5MB).


Curbside waste collection service includes garbage, recycling, and food + yard waste composting. Collection is provided by Waste Management. Many drop-off recycling options are available for items that cannot be recycled curbside.

Missed pickup? Broken cart? Contact Waste Management for assistance.
Other question? See our contact information.

What you can put in your cart or dumpster

In Kirkland, garbage carts are green Trash-Cart.jpg, recycle carts are blue Recycle-Cart.jpg, and compost carts are gray Compost-Cart.jpg. (Food scrap composting by request for apartments and businesses.)

What do I do with...?

what do I do with...

There are many ways to recycle items you can't put in your cart. See our drop-off recycling guide with options for TVs, plastic bags, paint, old clothes, and more.

What Do I Do With...?

Your waste collection service

Rates and billing information

Rates are determined by the size of your garbage container. All residents and businesses in Kirkland must subscribe to waste collection service.

Service information

How to put out your materials, holiday schedules, included curbside services, and more.

Inclement weather information

Waste Management truck from the side on a snowy day

Waste Management's weatherboard is your best source for the latest service updates. You can also call WM at 1-800-592-9995 for information.

See how to put out extra material (pdf) following a weather delay.

To receive weather-related service alerts, please make sure we have your current phone number. If you've received weather alerts in the past, we have your info and no action is needed. You can update your contact information via Our Kirkland, under the issue "Garbage / Water / Sewer Billing > I want to receive Waste Management alerts".

Holiday recycling tips and information

person holding wrapped gift with natural compostable decorations

Plan ahead to choose waste-free options for your decorations and gifts. See our recycling guide for cleaning up from the holidays. 

Christmas tree recycling in January

This year, we have pushed back our christmas tree program by one week because of the snow. The program will run from January 10th through the end of the month. You'll be able to put out your unflocked, undecorated tree (up to 6' tall) next to your cart for free collection on your regular service day. Larger trees must be cut down to 6' segments.

Apartment and condo residents can place trees next to your dumpster or carts on your designated collection days (see map for days(PDF, 5MB)).

Flocked trees and artificial trees must be thrown away.

Recycling at the holidays

Wrapping materials

  • Wrapping paper - recycle unless glitter or foil, then throw away
  • Tissue paper - reuse or throw away
  • Ribbons and bows - reuse or throw away
  • Gift bags - reuse or throw away

Packages and mailing materials

Holiday cards 

  • Holiday cards (paper) - recycle unless glitter or foil, then throw away
  • Holiday photo cards (photo paper) - throw away

Holiday decor

  • Broken string lights - throw away or use drop-off recycling programs (e.g. at McLendon's)
  • Christmas tree - can be composted with our special January curbside service if unflocked and undecorated (no tinsel)
  • Tinsel - throw away

Waste-free holiday tips

Choose reused, reusable, and compostable or recyclable decorations

  • Thrift and antique stores are a fun place to find new-to-you decorations.
  • Connect with your neighbors using the Buy Nothing app or Facebook group to find new décor or give away decorations that you no longer want using no-contact porch pickups.
  • Unflocked natural Christmas trees can be recycled curbside during the first two weeks of January, whereas artificial trees must be disposed in the garbage when they can no longer be used.

Choose reusable wrapping

  • While wrapping paper that doesn’t have foil or glitter can be recycled, reusable bags are an even better environmental choice. Use them year after year.
  • Another reusable wrapping option is using a cloth (like a silk scarf or large tea towel) to bundle presents using furoshiki tying methods.
  • Ribbons and bows can also be reused for many years – remember that they’re not recyclable and must be thrown away when they can’t be used again.

Plan ahead for serving sizes and leftovers

  • Hosting for the holidays? Use the Guest-imator tool to estimate the right amount of food to prepare for your group size, so you don't wind up with more than you can eat before it goes bad.
  • Plan ahead for leftovers, so you know how to store them to last.

Holiday waste collection schedule

Waste Management provides service on all days except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. This year both Christmas and New Year's Day fall on a Saturday, so there will be no service adjustments for those weeks.


Recycling program updates

2022 recycling guides have shipped!

You should have received your 2022 recycling guide in the mail. Please save it for reference.

2022 Single-Family Recycling Guide(PDF, 3MB) | 2022 Apartment & Condo Recycling Guide(PDF, 2MB)

Single Family 2022 Recycling Guide cover 2022 Multifamily Recycling Guide Cover

Food-Scrap-Bucket.jpgRequest a free food scrap pail

We are providing no-contact deliveries of countertop food scrap kits. Simply email us at to request a compost pail. Be sure to provide your address (including unit number if at an apartment). We will complete deliveries within a few weeks.

Drop-off recycling

event staff removing latex paint from back of car at paint recycling event Recycling events

We are prioritizing recycling events for materials with the greatest environmental benefit, that do not have other accessible recycling options. The best way to hear about upcoming events is to sign up for our recycling event email list.

Sign up for recycling event email reminders

Drop off batteries, CFLs and cell phones at Kirkland City Hall

The City Hall Recycling Center and community center recycling drop-offs are open.

microwave, TV, laptop and smartphone as examples of electronics to recycleRecycle electronics next to your cart

You can recycle electronics next to your cart! Single family residents can schedule pickups with Waste Management for small TVs, microwaves, and many other electronics. Drop-off locations are available for larger TVs.

How to recycle electronics

Drop off paint for free recycling

three cans of paint, wood stain, and varnish You can now drop off your leftover latex and oil-based paint at participating stores at no charge. Visit the PaintCare website to find a drop-off location near you and see what you can bring. Accepted products include latex paint, oil-based paint, stain, varnish, and more.

Find paint recycling locations near you

Regional waste news

Washington single use serviceware law goes into effect on January 1 2022.Coming in 2022: single-use utensils by request

A new waste-saving policy takes effect in Washington on January 1, 2022! When you go to a restaurant or get takeout, they won't automatically give you single-use utensils and straws. Instead, they'll ask whether you want them, or offer them for self-service. These single-use items include:
  • Utensils
  • Straws and stirrers
  • Cold beverage cup lids (except at drive-throughs and very large venues like arenas)
  • Sauce or condiment packets

In the United States, we use almost one trillion — that's a million million — disposable food service products every year. You can help by only taking the single-use items you need. This is a great time to bring a set of reusable utensils and insulated cup to your workplace, so you can skip the waste when you grab lunch or coffee. Choose reusable instead of disposable!

Get more information about the new law at

Does your business need help adapting to the new policy? Are you interested in switching to reusable options for dine-in customers? Reusables can help reduce waste and costs. We can provide assistance — contact our Recycling Hotline at or (425) 587-3812.

Statewide plastic bag ban in effect Oct. 1, 2021

Washington State's plastic bag ban took effect Oct. 1, 2021. It supersedes Kirkland's policy, and businesses should now follow the State guidelines. Under the state's policy, retail, grocery and restaurant businesses must charge at least 8 cents for each large paper or thick plastic bag.

Washington State plastic bag policy requirements  

The City encourages businesses to continue providing paper bags as their reusable option, rather than plastic bags. Thicker plastic bags use more plastic than lightweight plastic bags, but may not be reused enough times to justify their larger environmental impact. 

We encourage residents to continue carrying your own durable reusable bags. Choose paper if you need to buy a carryout bag. When you purchase or receive a paper or plastic reusable bag, please reuse it to minimize its environmental impacts.

Paper bags can be recycled in your cart at home. Plastic bags can be dropped off for recycling at participating grocery stores

Customers who notice retail businesses and restaurants continuing to use lightweight plastic bags may use the State's reporting tool to inform the Department of Ecology that educational followup may be needed.

King County Northeast Transfer Station Process

In 2019, King County's Solid Waste Division began a process to find a site for a new recycling and transfer station in northeast King County. The new facility will replace the aging and limited Houghton Transfer Station in Kirkland. Learn more about the project and public involvement process at King County's Northeast Transfer Station website.

What your Recycling Team does

refilling reusable water bottle at City Hall fountain bottle filling stationThe Solid Waste Division manages Kirkland's curbside waste collection service, contracted with Waste Management. We host special recycling events and drop-off locations. We also provide free technical assistance to businesses and multifamily property managers that need help recycling.

Recycling is important, but we also need to make less waste as a community. Before recycling, remember to reduce and reuse! It's better for the environment to prevent waste, even if the waste could be recycled or composted.

Our recycling and waste goals for the community

Making Kirkland more sustainable

A ten-year plan for a sustainable city

Kirkland's Sustainability Master Plan, adopted in late 2020, identifies actions for the city and community to take to become more sustainable over the next ten years. Many actions intend to improve recycling, increase reuse, and reduce waste, as well as get around town with fewer emissions, protect our lake and wildlife, and more. See updates for key actions from the plan.

Sign up for periodic email updates about the plan and the city's progress.

How you can help

We need your help to make Kirkland sustainable! Check out our suggestions of things you can do to make a difference.

Our Recycling Team's top five asks for you and your family:

  1. Recycle all your basic recyclables
  2. Compost all your food scraps
  3. Minimize the amount of food you waste
  4. Choose reusable options instead of single-use items
  5. Reduce how much waste you produce overall by buying less and reusing more