Waste and Recycling Contacts

Waste Management is the City's contracted hauler, and can resolve service issues. The City's Utility Billing Department can resolve issues with billing for single family customers. The City's Recycling Hotline can answer questions about how to dispose of specific materials.

Contact Information

Waste Management
Mon - Fri 7am - 7pm
Sat 9am - 1pm
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Utility Billing
Email preferred during COVID-19
425-587-3150 - stay on line for options
Available Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm 

Recycling Hotline
Email preferred during COVID-19
425-587-3812leave address & question
Monitored Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm 

Who to Contact for Assistance

Service Issues and Adjustments

  • Start new service
  • Change cart size - contact Waste Management
  • Broken or missing cart - contact Waste Management
  • Missed pickup - contact Waste Management (online form)
  • Add extra yard waste cart - contact Waste Management
  • Add free food scrap service to business or multi-family account - complete our online application, or contact Recycling Hotline with questions
  • Update contact information to receive Waste Management service alerts - submit updated contact information through the Our Kirkland portal or contact Utility Billing
  • Check for weather-related service delays - visit Waste Management's Weatherboard or contact Waste Management

Service Accommodations and Holds

  • Request carryout service - contact Waste Management
  • Request service for customers with disabilities - contact Utility Billing
  • Request vacation service hold (6 week minimum) - contact Utility Billing

Billing Assistance (Single Family Customers)

Recycling and Disposal Assistance

  • Request special recycling (single family customers) - contact Waste Management
  • Request bulky item pickup - contact Waste Management
  • Recycling questions - contact Recycling Hotline
  • How to dispose of items - contact Recycling Hotline
  • Request free technical assistance and recycling resources for a business or multi-family property - contact Recycling Hotline

Issues with Waste Management

For issues that cannot be resolved with Waste Management customer service or complaints about Waste Management service.

  • Resolve recurring service issues - contact Recycling Hotline
    • Repeated missed pickups
    • Repeated cart damage
  • Report issues with Waste Management service or trucks - contact Recycling Hotline
    • Driver complaints
    • Noise complaints
    • Early service (before 7 a.m. in residential areas)
    • Property damage
    • Litter left behind after service or blowing out of collection vehicles
    • Leaking collection vehicles