Appliance and Scrap Metal Recycling

Large Appliance Donation

If your appliance is still in working condition and newer than 10 years old, consider donating it to reuse centers like Habitat for Humanity, Second Use, or Salvation Army. Call in advance to ensure your appliance will be accepted.

Recycling Options for Appliances and Oversize Scrap Metal

Small Household Appliances May Be Accepted Curbside

Small household appliances that are primarily metal, such as microwaves and toasters, can be recycled next to your cart through our curbside electronics recycling program.

Free Scrap Metal Recycling at Selected Transfer Stations

Oversize scrap metal and metal chains and wires can be recycled for free at the transfer stations in Bellevue and Shoreline. It should be 50% or more metal to be recycled. Items accepted include microwaves and other small corded appliances, metal furniture, barbeque grills, lawn mowers, metal building material like gutters, plumbing parts, metal cable and wires.

Smaller scrap metal, such as pots and pans, are accepted in your recycling cart at home. Chains and wires are not accepted in your cart because they wrap around machinery at the recycling center.

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Free Non-Refrigerant Appliance Recycling at Selected Transfer Stations

Customers can recycle non-refrigerant type major appliances at no cost, including stoves, washers, and dryers at King County solid waste facilities where scrap metal is collected. The closest locations are in Bellevue and Shoreline.

Refrigerant appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners can be recycled at the same locations for a disposal fee, which is used to manage the refrigerant material.

Appliance and Scrap Metal Recycling at Events

We offer appliance recycling at our annual Recycling Collection Events. Sign up for email reminders about Kirkland recycling events. Non-refrigerant appliances can be recycled as scrap metal for free, while refrigerant appliances have a pass-through charge.

Appliance Disposal

Waste Management can collect appliances for disposal from the curb in front of your house for a fee. To schedule curbside pickup with Waste Management, please call 1-800-592-9995.

You can also find private service providers using King County's What Do I Do With tool.