Cedar Creek Rainwater Management Project

creek photo.jpg
What is this project?

The purpose of this project is to improve water quality in the Cedar Creek sub-basin of the Juanita Creek watershed. Rainwater projects can use a variety of practices ranging from rain gardens to underground vaults, depending on the layout of existing infrastructure and the characteristics of the watershed.

Why is it happening?

This project will control the flow of rainwater runoff and improve water quality in the Juanita Creek watershed. These measures will work toward balancing out the negative environmental impacts of development and restoring the health of the Juanita Creek watershed.

The Cedar Creek sub-basin has experienced severe erosion issues due to the impacts from development.  In addition, Cedar Creek flows to Juanita Creek, which has bacteria levels and temperatures that are too high, and oxygen levels and aquatic life indicators that are too low.

How can I be involved?

We can work together for cleaner water and a healthier environment. As the project develops, the City will have multiple opportunities for community involvement including surveys, community and online open-house events, neighborhood outreach, and more.