Rose Point Lift Station

  • Project typeSewage lift station
  • Project value$3,442,000
  • Project scheduleJanuary 2020 - May 2022 (see below)
  • Contractor nameGary Harper Construction

The City of Kirkland expects its Rose Point Lift Station contractor to stabilize the lift station’s voltage and to clean up the construction site by the end of December.

The contractor, Gary Harper Construction, plans to repave the affected roadway in spring, when the weather is more predictably dry.

Gary Harper Construction expects to receive and install a new pump motor in December that will replace the damaged pump motor they discovered in October. 

Kirkland’s project engineers have been working with Puget Sound Energy and with Gary Harper Construction for much of the last year to stabilize the voltage that powers the lift station.

They stabilized the voltage with voltage frequency delineators. And by doing so, they discovered the damaged pump motor.

Kirkland expects to receive the new pump in December.