NE 132nd Street to 108th Ave NE Right Turn Lane

  • Project typeTransportation
  • Project value$1,287,100
  • Project scheduleMarch 2022-June 2022
  • Contractor nameKamins Construction Inc.,

Drawing of new right turn lane at 108th Avenue NE

This image shows the full extent of the new right turn lane along NE 132nd Street for 108th Avenue NE and 109th Avenue NE.  Close-up's of 108th Avenue NE and 109th Avenue NE are shown below.

WHAT: To improve traffic flow along westbound Northeast 132nd Street, the City of Kirkland is building a right turn lane onto 108th Avenue Northeast. The project adds a westbound right turn lane to increase vehicle capacity at the intersection. The project also upgrades ADA ramps, crosswalks, pedestrian signalization, and provides a westbound bike lane with green methyl methacrylote (MMA) traffic paint markings to improve non-motorized safety.

WHY: The project is a key transportation improvement on a local street that supports the effective functionality of the new I‐405/132nd Avenue NE interchange improvements to be completed by WSDOT. Currently, westbound NE 132nd Street experiences traffic backups at 108th Avenue NE, and it is expected that once the improvements at I‐405/NE 132nd Street are complete, westbound traffic volumes will increase and compound current backup problems. 

The contract is estimated to take 45 working days for completion. However, acquiring the new luminaire pole and signal pole head is estimated to take four to six months. Additionally, it is anticipated that the construction contract will be suspended for relocation of existing franchise utilities. Currently, the project is estimated to achieve physical completion in fall 2022.

During construction, a second project will begin at NE 132nd Street and the Juanita High School Access. That second project will install a right turn lane to reduce intersection backup during peak high school pick-up and drop-off times. That project is anticipated to begin material procurement in June 2022.

The project supports the Council goals of Inclusive Communities, Community Safety, and Balanced Transportation.

Drawing showing the new intersection at 108th AVE NE on NE 132nd Street

Drawing showing the new intersection at 109th AVE NE on NE 132nd Street


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