113th Avenue Northeast Crosswalk/Signal Improvements

Submissions closed on January 01, 0001, 12:00 AM

  • Project typePedestrian Safety
  • Project value$370,000.00
  • Project scheduleMarch 2021 - May 2021
  • Contractor nameRW Scott Construction

the sign installed at the project site, showing the intersection and describing the plan and budget of $370,000

WHAT:  This project will replace the permissive left signal (ball) with a protected left signal (arrow), thereby keeping left-turning vehicles stopped while time is allowed for crosswalk users to cross NE 124th Street.  Elements of the project include replacing signal heads, adjusting signal timing and phase changes, and restriping the crosswalk.

The intersection of NE 124th Street and 113th Avenue NE has a history of vehicle/pedestrian conflicts.  Presently, the signal at the intersection gives north-to-east and south-to-west vehicular traffic permissive lefts.  A permissive left is when drivers see a green light (ball) but are supposed to yield to oncoming vehicles and crosswalk users before making a left turn. There also are north/south crosswalk signals, which is where the conflicts occur.  The City considers some drivers wanting to make a left turn at the intersection may have been more focused on looking for a break in oncoming vehicular traffic than noticing a user in the crosswalk. 

FUNDING: Kirkland accepted part of a federal grant that WSDOT received, which covers 95% of this project.

WHEN: Construction was authorized by Council at its December 8, 2020 meeting.  The project is forecasted to be complete in Spring, 2021.



113th Avenue NE at NE 124th Street Crosswalk and Signal Update, NE 124th Street,  98034  View Map

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