David Brink Park Shoreline Renovation

  • Project typeShoreline park renovation
  • Project value$1.575 million
  • Project scheduleJune 2021 - June 2022 (construction)
  • Contractor nameTo be determine in January


The City of Kirkland is renovating David Brink Park's shoreline to improve access, safety, habitat, and aesthetics.

Specifically, the City is expanding the park's beaches, repairing and upgrading its landscaping, piers, sidewalks and curb ramps.

The project will replace the dock's surface with a porous surface, which eliminates the shady, hiding spots that Cutthroat Trout and Pikeminnow use to prey on juvenile Chinook salmon.

It will also remove the shoreline bulkhead. Portions of the shoreline bulkhead are in poor condition, according to recent structural engineering assessments.


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