124th Avenue Northeast Improvements

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The above image represents Kirkland's vision for 124th Avenue Northeast, south of Northeast 124th Street, as articulated in the March 2018 "Totem Lake Urban Center: Enhancement and Multimodal Transportation Network Plan." The projects summarized on this page help lay the groundwork for this plan. Click on the above image to learn more about 124th Avenue Northeast's role in that plan. 

As part of a larger effort to make Totem Lake a walkable, vibrant, and green urban center, the City of Kirkland is improving the 124th Avenue Northeast corridor between Northeast 116th Street and Northeast 124th Street. This project, along with other efforts in the area, will enhance connectivity to the Village at Totem Lake, Totem Lake Park and other local hubs. 

The 124th Avenue Northeast improvements, between Northeast 116th and 124th streets, will:

  • Widen the roadway to five lanes
  • Establish more than 40 pedestrian lights
  • Enhance transit stops
  • Upgrade water and sewer mains
  • Widen and complete sidewalks along both sides of corridor
  • Create buffered, sidewalk-level bicycle lanes





11845-11727 124th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034,    View Map

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