116th Avenue Northeast Right Turn Lane

  • Project typeTransportation
  • Project value$2,323,000
  • Project scheduleApril 2022-June 2023
  • Contractor nameInterwest Construction, Inc.

Image showing expanded intersection and sidewalk with street trees and pedestrian lights

Kirkland is creating a new southbound right turn lane on 116th Avenue Northeast at the intersection with Northeast 124th Street.  This project, partially funded through a King County Metro Regional Mobility Grant, will increase capacity through this intersection, benefiting residents as well as King County Metro Transit routes 255 and 893.

This intersection is governed by the Washington State Department of Transportation, which is requiring the work to occur at night, between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., to limit the impact to highway operation.  

In addition to the new right turn lane, the project has secured the space to build a 14-foot wide sidewalk on the west side of 116th Avenue Northeast with street trees and pedestrian lighting.  Additional work performed with this contract is the relocation of underground (water, gas, fiber optic, and surface water) infrastructure.


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