National Night Out

National Night Out 2022 in the City of Kirkland 

Group of people standing around a police car at National Night Out

National Night Out (NNO) happens every year across the U.S. on the first Tuesday in August to promote police-community partnerships and build neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live. National Night Out is a chance for neighbors to step outside and get to know each other and their local police officers, firefighters and city officials by inviting them to block parties, barbeques and festivals.

National Night Out provides families with the unique and exciting opportunity to interact with emergency responders in a way that is fun and positive. See how it feels to sit in the front seat of a police car or a fire engine, and chat with police officers, corrections officers and firefighters about what it’s like to be a first responder!

Not only do you get to learn more about these extraordinary jobs, you’ll connect with the people who do them every day.

We invite people in neighborhoods across Kirkland to organize their own NNO event and invite Kirkland police officers, firefighters and/or City Councilmembers.

Planning Your National Night Out Event

NNO block parties on private property – no permit needed

The period to request City Council, Police, Corrections or Firefighters at your NNO 2022 event is now CLOSED. Thank you for participating!

SWAT demonstration at National Night Out If you have requested City Council, police, corrections, and/or firefighters at your block party on private property, know that they plan to attend community events between 6 and 9 p.m. While our police, corrections officers and firefighters will make every effort to attend your event if invited, please note that the availability of the City's first responders depends on emergency call volume.

NNO block parties that require a road closure – permit required

The application period for NNO 2022 Block Party Permits is now CLOSED. Thank you for applying!

NNO events that include a road closure require a NNO Block Party Permit. Block party permit fees were waived for National Night Out events held on National Night Out's designated day, August 2, 2022. Like block parties on private property, members of City Council and first responders from the Kirkland Police and Fire Departments attend community events between 6 and 9 p.m.

While we would love to attend every NNO event in the City of Kirkland, we stress that the availability of the City's first responders is entirely dependent on emergency call volume.

National Night Out in 2021

The City of Kirkland, the Kirkland Police Department and the Kirkland Fire Department had a wonderful time at National Night Out events in 2021. Thank you to all those who invited our first responders and our Councilmembers to their events. It was an honor and a privilege to continue to build communities with you. We’re looking forward to spending time with you for this year’s National Night Out!

Check out these amazing highlights from National Night Out in 2021!


The NNO tradition began in the early-1980s to promote crime prevention and foster partnerships between the community and law enforcement. 2021 marked 38 years of NNO! The event boasts participation from over 38 million neighbors in over 16,000 communities across all 50 states. Visit the National Night Out website for more information about this fun and enlightening event.

Family at National Night Out