Bridle Trails Neighborhood Center Community-Initiated Amendment

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The property owner of the TechCity Bowl site submitted a community-initiated amendment request to develop a design program, development standards, and design guidelines for all properties within the Bridle Trails Neighborhood Center consistent with the Comprehensive Plan’s Bridle Trails Neighborhood land use Policy BT-7. The applicant’s reason for the proposal is to implement the land use policy to encourage the redevelopment of the shopping center and fulfill the neighborhood plan’s vision.


On March 15, 2022, City Council adopted two ordinances amending the Kirkland Zoning Code (KZC) and Kirkland Municipal Code (KMC) Design Guidelines for Pedestrian Oriented Business Districts, to support mixed-use redevelopment of the Bridle Trails Neighborhood Center properties of up to five stories in height.

Ordinance 4784, zoning amendments, and Ordinance 4785, design guideline amendments, can be viewed on the City's Electronic Document Repository.


Planning Commission Public Hearing - February 10, 2022

-Phase 2 Review: Staff Report and Attachments(PDF, 11MB)

Planning Commission Study Session - January 13, 2022

-Phase 2 Review: Staff Report and Attachments(PDF, 5MB)  

Planning Commission Study Session - November 30, 2021

-Phase 2 Review: Staff Report and Attachments(PDF, 2MB)

Planning Commission Study Session - October 28, 2021

-Phase 2 Review: Staff Report and Attachments(PDF, 1MB)

Planning Commission Study Session - October 14, 2021

- Phase 2 Review: Staff Report and Attachments(PDF, 10MB)

Planning Commission Study Session - March 21, 2021

- Phase 1 Review: Staff Report and Attachments(PDF, 741KB)

Planning Commission Study Session - January 28, 2021

- Phase 1 Review: Staff Report and Attachments(PDF, 6MB) 

City Council

City Council Meeting - April 20, 2021

- Phase 1 Review: Staff Report and Attachments(PDF, 7MB)

- Phase 2 Review: Staff Report and Attachments(PDF, 3MB)














What is the Process?

The City uses a systematic process to amend the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map or Zoning Code. There are two ways changes can be made. The City can initiate the change, or a Community-Initiated Amendment Request (CAR) can be initiated by the public.

CARs may be made by an individual, property owner, neighborhood organization, or other groups. CARs are considered once every other year, during odd years. Each CAR that is submitted must go through a two-phase process. For Phase 1, the Planning Commission makes a threshold review of the CAR and recommends to the City Council if it should be considered further based on criteria specified in the Kirkland Zoning Code. The City Council reviews the recommendation of the Planning Commission at a public meeting and determines if the request should be studied further. If City Council approves the Phase 1 application for additional study, the CAR moves to Phase 2. During the second phase, the merits of the proposal are evaluated, and potential options are considered. The Planning Commission holds study sessions and a public hearing and makes a recommendation to the City Council. The City Council considers the recommendation and makes the final decision on the request.

How to Get Involved?

Your input on the proposed amendments is encouraged.  Please attend the upcoming meetings or provide your written comments. To receive project updates, check this page, or contact the project planner for more information.  
Thank you for being engaged in your community!



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