Citywide Urban Forest Work Plan


Thank you for taking the Community Tree Survey! The results(PDF, 355KB) will help the City Council determine our 2021-2026 urban forest management priorities. 

Trees are an important part of Kirkland's community character, providing enormous environmental, economic, and social benefits; all of which are increasingly important in urban settings. Unfortunately, many elements negatively affect city trees, reducing their normal life span and the benefits they provide. Because of this, urban forests need our help to remain a functioning, healthy and sustainable asset. 

Recognizing the urban forest's value and its management challenges, Kirkland's Urban Forest Strategic Management Plan(PDF, 3MB) was adopted in 2013. It provides a management framework using

  • Science-based strategies   
  • Citywide collaboration
  • Data-driven performance measures

To link long-range goals to daily tasks, the 2014-2019 Urban Forestry Six Year Work Plan(PDF, 1MB)  identifies objectives within a shorter timeframe. The City has examined the accomplishments and challenges of the 2014-2019 Work Plan and developed its priorities for the next six years. The recently-adopted 2020-2026 Urban Forestry Six Year Work Plan(PDF, 582KB) will guide the City's tree preservation, planting and maintenance efforts through 2026.