Kirkland Emergency Plans

The City of Kirkland uses an all-hazards approach to planning for disasters. This allows the City to prepare for a wide variety of potential incidents and facilitates an effective response of City departments and community partners. Working together we strive to prevent loss of life and reduce damages to property, the environment, and the economy.

The Office of Emergency Management facilitates development of City emergency management plans, including revisions and updates identified during exercises or implementations of the plans. The primary focus of planning is creating flexible and adaptable capabilities that can be applied to many situations.

Preparing for disasters is a community-wide responsibility and the City’s intent is to support individual efforts through information and opportunities to be involved. Emergency Management involves each individual, business, and community-based organization within the City of Kirkland working together as a whole community.


Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan(PDF, 16MB)
The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) establishes a mutual understanding of authority, responsibilities, and functions within the City of Kirkland when responding to an emergency or disaster. The CEMP outlines the City's capability to respond to a disaster and the organizational structure under which response activities will take place. Updated 2021, next scheduled update 2026. The CEMP was adopted by Kirkland City Council in October 2021.

Hazard Mitigation Plan(PDF, 3MB)

The City partnered with King County Emergency Management along with 55 different cities, schools, hospitals, and utility districts to update the Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan at the County Level. Kirkland submitted the above city-specific annex to the Basic Hazard Mitigation Plan(PDF, 13MB). Updated 2019, next scheduled update 2024.

Snow and Ice Response Plan

Kirkland Public Works develops the City's Snow and Ice response plan to provide effective clear, consistent, and environmentally responsible guidelines and procedures to operate and maintain the transportation network while ensuring that the network functions as safely and efficiently as possible. See also the City's Snow Plow Route Map(PDF, 2MB) and Anti-Icing Route Map(PDF, 2MB).

Belongings Reunification Guide(PDF, 2MB)

The Belongings Reunification Guide implements a process to reunite individuals affected by an incident with their recovered belongings.

Commodity Point of Distribution (CPOD) Guide(PDF, 772KB)

The CPOD Guide describes the process to establish, facilitate, and demobilize a CPOD site in the community.

Evacuation Framework(PDF, 312KB)

The Evacuation Framework describes strategies for managing evacuations that exceed the day-to-day capabilities of the City.

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Communications Resource Guide(PDF, 387KB)

This document provides resources for communicating with LEP persons regarding incident response and recovery operations.

Recovery Framework(PDF, 2MB)

The Recovery Framework provides a guide to assist City government in achieving a focused, timely, and expeditious recovery from an incident.

Volunteer and Donations Management Framework(PDF, 330KB)

The Volunteer and Donations Management Framework assists with implementing a process to manage the recruitment, assignment, and deployment of volunteers and the sorting, distribution, and disposition of donations during an incident.

COVID-19 Initial Response After Action Report(PDF, 1MB)

This report focuses on organizational impacts of the pandemic on City departments and the City's ability to maintain general government operations and service provision. The time period addressed in this plan is roughly from February 29 through May 31, 2020.


Landslide Hazard Map(PDF, 16MB)
This map shows areas susceptible to deep and/or shallow-seated landslides within the City of Kirkland. It is intended to be used with Chapter 85 of the city's Zoning Code.

Liquefaction Potential Map(PDF, 3MB)
This map shows areas susceptible to liquefaction during an earthquake within the City of Kirkland. It is intended to be used with Chapter 85 of the city's Zoning Code.

Snow Plow Route Map(PDF, 2MB)
This emergency routes map shows the priority routes that the Public Works Street Division will try to maintain during emergency events.

Anti-Icing Route Map(PDF, 2MB)
This map shows the City's priority anti-icing routes as determined by the Public Works Department in the event of a snow storm.

Post Wind Storm Sweeping Routes Map(PDF, 3MB)
This map shows the priority routes to be cleared by the Public Works Street Division during wind storm events.